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GlaxoSmithKline Shuts Down Sirtris, Five Years After $720M Buyout 03/12/13 Boston
OvaScience, Founded by Sirtris Vets, Plans IPO 08/30/12 Boston
Energesis Pharmaceuticals, Co-Founded by Sirtris Vet, Seeks to Tap Power of “Good Fat” in Fighting Obesity and Diabetes 11/03/10 Boston
Report: Former Sirtris Execs Ordered to Stop Selling Resveratrol Dietary Supplement Online 08/13/10 Boston
Former Sirtris Execs Sell Resveratrol Via New Nonprofit, Dicerna Closes $25M Deal, ViThera Combats Gut Disease With Engineered Bacteria, & More Boston-Area Life Sciences News 08/13/10 Boston
Former Sirtris Execs’ Nonprofit Starts Selling Resveratrol with Potential Anti-Aging Effects Online 08/12/10 Boston
Glaxo Stops Study of Sirtris “Red Wine” Drug in Cancer Patients 05/05/10 Boston
Genzyme Expects to Pay $175M to FDA, Westphal Leaves Sirtris to Run GSK Venture Arm, Gelesis Obesity Treatment Passes First Human Trial, & More Boston-Area Life Sciences News 04/23/10 Boston
Sirtris Vet Michelle Dipp Takes Over Key Role at Glaxo as Westphal Returns to VC 04/22/10 Boston
Christoph Westphal Resigns as Sirtris CEO, Takes Over Glaxo’s SR One Venture Arm 04/21/10 Boston
Catabasis, Led by Sirtris Vets, Seeks to Fight Diabetes by Controlling Inflammation 04/21/10 Boston
Sirtris Founders Resurface with New Fund, Icahn Continues to Make Biotech Waves, Sentillion Bought by Microsoft, & More Boston-Area Life Sciences News 02/19/10 Boston
Sirtris Founders Build New Venture Capital Fund, Keep Mum 02/12/10 Boston
Xconomy Videos: Sirtris’ Westphal and Millennium’s Dunsire Talk Cures for Ills of Big Pharma 11/13/09 Boston
Sirtris Advancing No. 1 Drug into Mid-Stage Clinical Trials for Type 2 Diabetes 10/14/09 Boston
Sirtris’ Westphal and Collaborators Launching New Nonprofit to Help People Live Longer 09/24/09 Boston
New Execs for Exact, Sirtris, and Ischemix; New Deal for Biogen and Aveo; New Money for MedAptus and Claros; & More Boston-Area Life Sciences News 03/25/09 Boston
Ex-Wyeth Exec Named Sirtris Pres. 03/20/09 Boston
Viewers Hunt for Sirtris’ Anti-Aging Drugs After 60 Minutes Story 01/27/09 Boston
Glaxo Promotes Sirtris’ Christoph Westphal to Drug Discovery Leadership Role 12/03/08 Boston
Sirtris Shifts Focus From Resveratrol, Merck Shifts People From Seattle to Boston, Epix Shifts Into Cost-Saving Mode, & More Boston-Area Life Sciences News 10/29/08 Boston
Sirtris’ Red Wine Chemical to Take Back Seat to “Potent” Diabetes Drugs 10/23/08 Boston
Sirtris Settles in at GSK, Alnylam Raises IP Questions on Bio Bill, Targanta Takes on Cubist’s Market, & More Life Sciences News 09/24/08 Boston
Sirtris’ Westphal Enjoying Life Under GSK Ownership; Hints at Positive Human Data on Next-Gen Drugs to Extend Healthy Life (and Still Partying on Fridays) 09/18/08 Boston
Sirtris Gains SIRT3 Licenses from Harvard 09/16/08 Boston
Turbine Confirms $40M Round, Nuance Prices Secondary Offering, Sirtris Completes GSK Deal, & More Deals News 06/09/08 Boston
Long Courtship Preceded GlaxoSmithKline’s Sirtris Acquisition 06/06/08 Boston
Retail Convergence Meets Up With Some Cash, TheStreet Takes to Geezeo, GSK Lifts a Glass to Sirtris, & More Deals News 04/28/08 Boston
GSK Takes Sirtris and Taps Alnylam Venture, FDA Deals Genzyme Drug a Blow, Resolvyx Finances Fish-Oil Drugs, & More Life Sciences News 04/23/08 Boston
Sirtris Exec Says Acquisition by GlaxoSmithKline is “Great for Boston” 04/22/08 Boston
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