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Entry Author Date Location
Making Customer Support Sexy: Zendesk’s Help Desk Lovefest 08/04/10 San Francisco
GE Spurs Smart Grid Investing, Evernote Opens Its Trunk, Zendesk Touts Twitter, & More Bay Area BizTech News 07/20/10 San Francisco
Zendesk Has a Twicket to Ride Twitter 07/13/10 San Francisco
Zendesk Ditching Boston for West Coast 09/02/09 Boston
$14M for Novomer, $7.3M for Innocentive, $6M for Zendesk, & More Boston-Area Deals News 08/21/09 Boston
$6M Alms for Zendesk 08/17/09 Boston
Take a Deep Breath, Collect Cash: Zendesk Wins Venture Financing for Help-Desk Software 05/06/09 Boston
Zendesk Garners Series A Round 05/06/09 Boston
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