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Gener8tor Demos Latest Startups, Growth of Local Scene 04/04/14 Wisconsin
Dairyland Innovation: Xconomy Wisconsin’s Top Stories Since December Launch 04/01/14 Wisconsin
Think Like a Founder Before Becoming One 03/28/14 Boston
Wisconsin Startups Join War of Apartment-Hunting Websites 03/27/14 Wisconsin
SmartAsset Gets $5.2M to Deliver Answers to Financial Questions 03/26/14 New York
Y Combinator’s Winter 2014 Class: Be Impressed, Don’t Say “Invest” 03/26/14 San Francisco
Webflow Secures $1,500,000 Seed Funding 03/12/14 San Francisco
Homejoy Makes Getting Your House Cleaned Easy—and Cheap 03/11/14 San Francisco
Madison Software Startup Drifty Raises $1M 03/10/14 Wisconsin
CodeNow Receives New Financing 02/28/14 San Francisco
100health Aims to Incubate Health IT Startups, Put Madison on Map 02/25/14 Wisconsin
SoundFocus Lands $1,700,000 New Funding 02/20/14 San Francisco
Celery Garners $2,000,000 New Financing Round 02/06/14 San Francisco
Apportable Receives $5,000,000 Seed Funding 02/05/14 San Francisco
Apptimize Receives $2,100,000 Seed Financing Round 01/23/14 San Francisco
The Top Stories of 2013 at Xconomy San Francisco and Xperience 12/30/13 San Francisco
AnyPerk Lands $200,000 New Financing Round 12/21/13 San Francisco
Videopixie Secures New Financing Round 12/18/13 San Francisco
New Nine Plus Accelerator Stretches Out the Startup Timeline 12/05/13 San Francisco
HD Trade Services Garners $128,500 New Funding Round 11/25/13 New York
FlightCar Opens in LA—Hear CEO at Xconomy’s Hardtech Event 12/9 11/13/13 Boston
Lob Garners $2,400,000 Seed Funding Round 11/05/13 San Francisco
Tandem Applies Muscle to Mobile (Alternative Accelerators, Part 1) 10/31/13 San Francisco
BuzzFeed, and 4 More Bad Startup Ideas that Look Like Good Ideas 10/25/13 National
Soylent Lands $1,500,000 Seed Financing 10/22/13 San Francisco
SimplyInsured Secures $750,000 New Financing 10/04/13 San Francisco
Beyond NFC: Tagstand’s Triggers Make Your Smartphone Smarter 10/02/13 San Francisco
DoorDash Obtains $2,400,000 New Funding 10/01/13 San Francisco
Heavybit: Grad School for Startups Building a Software Supply Chain 09/23/13 San Francisco
Goldbely Lands $3,000,000 New Financing 09/17/13 San Francisco
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