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Entry Author Date Location
IT Employment Staging a Comeback In San Diego, Silicon Valley 03/30/11 San Diego
In Challenge for Emerging Netbook Market, Qualcomm Moves From Smart Phones to Smartbooks 09/08/09 San Diego
Digital TV Conversion Clears Way for Qualcomm’s Flo TV Expansion to Boston, Other Markets 06/10/09 San Diego
Display Technology That Shines Like Butterfly Wings, Venture Capital Resets Business, Promising Start-Ups Recognized, & More San Diego BizTech News 06/08/09 San Diego
Qualcomm Opens Mirasol Display Plant 06/02/09 San Diego
Nokia CEO Says the Door to U.S. Market is in San Diego 05/28/09 San Diego
FloTV Expands to New Markets 04/01/09 San Diego
U.S. Slow to Join Global Wave of Mobile TV Growth 02/11/09 San Diego
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