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Entry Author Date Location
URC Water Tour Highlights Michigan’s Blue Economy Opportunities 09/12/14 Detroit
Detroit Materials Hopes to Reinvent Steel in America’s Car Capital 09/04/14 Detroit
Roundup: Accelerate MI, Beringea, Compuware, LevelEleven & More 07/14/14 Detroit
MI Roundup: Contest Deadlines, Personnel Changes, New Investments, More 06/18/14 Detroit
Roundup: Ann Arbor SPARK, WSU, MCWT, Beringea, Start Garden, FarmLogs 05/21/14 Detroit
Roundup: Aastrom, Gale, STEM summer camps, Beringea, HelloWorld 04/11/14 Detroit
Michigan Startups Working to Bridge IT Talent Gap 04/04/14 Detroit
App Competition Open to Wayne State Students, Faculty, Alumni 03/24/14 Detroit
Will Snyder’s Proposed Immigration Reforms Boost Entrepreneurship? 03/04/14 Detroit
Detroit Encore Entrepreneurs Blaze New Trail With LithFire-X 02/03/14 Detroit
WSU Student-Led SIB Medical Technologies Prepares Prototype for Market 01/16/14 Detroit
ProNAi Announces Progress on Its Novel Cancer-Fighting Drug 01/07/14 Detroit
Roundup: AutoHarvest, Wayne State, TechSmith & Google 12/13/13 Detroit
To Tell the Story of Innovation in Detroit, Xconomy Needs Your Help 11/20/13 Detroit
MyGoToNumber: Exceptional CEO Makes App For Everyday People 11/07/13 Detroit
Roundup: Swift Biosciences Raises $7M Round, Free Wi-fi Now in Downtown Detroit 10/25/13 Detroit
Small Company Innovation Program Announces Research Partnership Awards 08/30/13 Detroit
Roundup: Motozuma Opens Detroit Office, WSU Student Ventures Snag Funding 08/21/13 Detroit
Talking TechTown’s Reboot, Detroit’s Robustness With Charlie Moret 08/15/13 Detroit
Wayne State University Breaks Ground on Advanced Technology Education Center 08/14/13 Detroit
A Detroit Entrepreneur Transforms Tragedy Into Life-Saving Inventions 07/03/13 Detroit
Wayne State Tech Transfer: New Leadership, New Programs, New Stability 06/24/13 Detroit
Report: MI Graduates Starting Companies at Double the National Average 05/30/13 Detroit
NewME To Bring Silicon Valley to Detroit With Pop-Up Event 05/13/13 Detroit
Wayne State’s Warrior Fund Invests in Four Student Ventures 04/01/13 Detroit
Challenge Detroit and Detroit Revitalization Fellows Seek New Participants 03/01/13 Detroit
Wayne State Biotech Spinout Advaita Continues Growth 02/26/13 Detroit
Bizdom, TechTown, Invest Detroit Launch $1M Technology Exchange 02/22/13 Detroit
Coming Soon: the Detroit Bus Company’s Newest Transit Innovations 02/20/13 Detroit
State Funds Collaborations Between Small Companies, MI Universities 02/15/13 Detroit
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