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Entry Author Date Location
Shipwire Gives Mom-and-Pops the Fulfillment Services of Big Retailers 02/25/13 San Francisco
Michigan as the Distribution and Logistics Hub of the Midwest 05/12/10 Detroit
Kiva’s Robots Go to Work Sorting Medical Devices at Boston Scientific 01/19/10 Boston
Amazon’s Acquisition of Zappos Is “A Good Thing for Kiva,” Says Robot Company’s CEO 07/23/09 Boston
Kiva’s Robots Serve Smaller Companies at Andover’s Quiet Logistics 04/28/09 Boston
Kiva Robots Deliver Diapers 09/17/08 Boston
ThingMagic’s New RFID Reader–A Step Toward the Internet of Things 07/29/08 Boston
Kiva’s Robots Hit Their Stride…er, Slide 04/21/08 Boston
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