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Entry Author Date Location
VCs Are Not Your Friends 02/03/11 San Francisco
Say Hello to My Avatar: Bob Metcalfe Gives First UT Innovation Lecture Using Avaya Web Interface 01/20/11 Boston
GSN Digital Sees Booming Business in Putting Traditional Game Show Games On Facebook 01/03/11 Boston
Game Empire Pulls In $4M 12/23/10 Boston
With UW Partnership, Novel Moves a Step Closer to “The Matrix” for Businesses 12/15/10 Seattle
Beyond Gaming Adds Web-based, Social Networking Components to Traditional Console Gaming to Virtualize Tournaments 10/27/10 Detroit
QuickHit Raises $2.5M More 10/14/10 Boston
Zynga Grabs Bonfire Studios 10/06/10 San Francisco
How the Wrong Decision in Schwarzenegger v. EMA Could Cripple Video Game Innovation 09/27/10 San Francisco
MocoSpace Gains $3.5M, Moves Further Into Mobile Social Gaming 09/23/10 Boston
Play140 Looks Into the Future of Social Gaming, Sees the Past (Text-Based Games) 09/14/10 Boston
Teachers Explore How to Integrate Computer Science into K-12 Curriculum at UW Conference 08/09/10 Seattle
Boston-Power Expands Series E Round, Storwize Scooped Up By IBM, PerkinElmer Acquires VisEn, & More Boston-Area Deals News 08/04/10 Boston
38 Studios R.I. Move Confirmed 07/27/10 Boston
38 Studios Reveals First Video Game at San Diego’s Comic-Con 07/22/10 Boston
Wii Game, Graphic Novel Help PixoFactor Digitize and Monetize Michigan’s Film Incentive 07/19/10 Detroit
Venture Funding Drops Sharply in San Diego; Life Sciences Deals Predominate in Our Top 10 List 07/19/10 San Diego
Gamify This: Seattle Web Experts Give Pointers on Using Game Mechanics for Good and Evil 07/14/10 Seattle
38 Studios Considers RI Move 07/13/10 Boston
$33M More for Playdom 06/23/10 San Francisco
Step One Toward Sustainable Innovation: Stop Overpaying Employees 06/18/10 San Francisco
How Seattle Startups Could Lead the World: Five Technology Themes to Watch 06/18/10 Seattle
Redpoint Puts $9M Into Machinima 06/16/10 San Francisco
Quick Hit Cracks Into EA’s NFL Market (But Winning Over Tom Brady Will Take Longer) 06/10/10 Boston
Novel, Backed by Vancouver VCs, Uses Gaming Tech to Make Business Simulations for Companies 06/10/10 Seattle
RevenueLoan Pushes New Funding Model, Tippr Expands in Group Buying, Microsoft and Google Lure Startups, & More Seattle-Area Deals News 06/08/10 Seattle
BigDoor Raises $5M Led by Foundry Group, Looks to Bring Game Mechanics to All the Web 06/08/10 Seattle
Mad Catz Buys Tritton 06/01/10 San Diego
Zeebo Raises $8M 05/26/10 San Diego
Rocket Racing League, Led by XSITE Keynoter and X Prize Founder Peter Diamandis, Readies iPhone & iPad Game 05/18/10 Boston
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