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Happy Cloud Hits the Mainstream, Tries to Make PC Video Games Faster to Download and Play 07/18/11 Boston
Spark Capital’s Todd Dagres on NY vs. Boston, What’s Beyond Social Media, and Why Tech Investing Is Better Than Making Movies 07/13/11 Boston
The Supreme Court’s 7-2 Decision on Video Games as Free Speech Masks a 5-4 Split 06/27/11 San Francisco
Kinect Hacks Finally Legitimate – Is Skype Next? Microsoft Releases Developer Kit for Motion- and Sound-Sensing Controller 06/16/11 Seattle
Microsoft Gobbles Skype, Gamification’s Present and Future, Bill Gates on Clean Energy, & More in the Seattle-Area Tech Roundup 05/17/11 Seattle
Gamification, Barely a Year Old, Could Implode & Take a New Industry Down With It—Thoughts From Bobber Interactive’s Scott Dodson 05/12/11 Seattle
Funzio Wins $20M 05/10/11 San Francisco
Mad Catz Repays $14.5M Debt 05/05/11 San Diego
EA Buys Firemint 05/03/11 San Francisco
PopCap Purchases ZipZapPlay 04/29/11 Seattle
PopCap’s New Indie Label 4th & Battery, the Sandbox For a Death-Metal Horse Romp & Other “Really Strange or Marginal Ideas” 04/05/11 Seattle
Fast Gets Faster: Zipline’s Moai Seeks to Speed Up Mobile Game Development by Knocking Down Language Barriers 04/04/11 Seattle
Sony Axes 205 Jobs in West; Closes Bellevue Game Office, Other Work Shifts to San Diego 03/31/11 Seattle
Zynga Scoops Up Floodgate Team 03/18/11 Boston
Gaming Not Just for The Hardcore, Boston’s Talent Pool is Hot, and More Takeaways from MIT Sloan’s Business In Gaming Conference 03/14/11 Boston
Cut! Michigan’s Film and Video Game Startups Fear Loss of Popular Tax Credits 03/02/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
Bigfoot Unveils Wi-Fi for Gamers 03/01/11 San Francisco
Raptr Scores $15M 02/11/11 San Francisco
VCs Are Not Your Friends 02/03/11 San Francisco
Say Hello to My Avatar: Bob Metcalfe Gives First UT Innovation Lecture Using Avaya Web Interface 01/20/11 Boston
GSN Digital Sees Booming Business in Putting Traditional Game Show Games On Facebook 01/03/11 Boston
Game Empire Pulls In $4M 12/23/10 Boston
With UW Partnership, Novel Moves a Step Closer to “The Matrix” for Businesses 12/15/10 Seattle
Beyond Gaming Adds Web-based, Social Networking Components to Traditional Console Gaming to Virtualize Tournaments 10/27/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
QuickHit Raises $2.5M More 10/14/10 Boston
Zynga Grabs Bonfire Studios 10/06/10 San Francisco
How the Wrong Decision in Schwarzenegger v. EMA Could Cripple Video Game Innovation 09/27/10 San Francisco
MocoSpace Gains $3.5M, Moves Further Into Mobile Social Gaming 09/23/10 Boston
Play140 Looks Into the Future of Social Gaming, Sees the Past (Text-Based Games) 09/14/10 Boston
Teachers Explore How to Integrate Computer Science into K-12 Curriculum at UW Conference 08/09/10 Seattle
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