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Entry Author Date Location
To Attract Tech Workers, Developer Envisions the City in the Suburbs 02/06/14 Seattle
State Officials, Entrepreneurs Sell Michigan to National Media 07/15/13 Detroit
TechTown Takes Business Acceleration Services to Brightmoor Neighborhood 12/03/12 Detroit
Detroit Bus Company: Disrupting Old Models in a Transit-Starved City 09/11/12 Detroit
Design In Detroit Connects Creative Entrepreneurs 05/30/12 Detroit
Bizdom U: Transforming Detroit’s Brain Economy 10/31/11 Detroit
University of Michigan Social Venture Fund Comes Out of Stealth, Aims to Invest in Companies at the Nexus of Public and Private 09/27/10 Detroit
High Tech for a Historic City—A 21-Year-Old Web Entrepreneur’s View of the Big Computing Center Planned for His Home Town 06/15/09 Boston
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