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Entry Author Date Location
The Future of Microsoft Research: One on One With New Boss Peter Lee 11/14/13 National
From Smartphones to Smart Spaces: SRI’s Vision of Computer Evolution 04/29/11 National
Ambiq Micro Gets $2.4M to Develop Ubiquitous Microcontrollers for Smart Credit Cards, Homes 11/10/10 Detroit
Ambiq Micro Wins Investment from Michigan’s Student-Run Frankel Commercialization Fund 09/01/10 Detroit
Michigan’s Ambiq Micro Gets Ready to Scatter Lots of Tiny, Low-Power Products…Everywhere 07/13/10 Detroit
Director of Intel Research Seattle Focuses on Game-Changing Technologies, Opening New Markets 10/01/08 Seattle
Voyager Capital Founders Discuss Investment Strategy, Connected Computing, and the Future of Venture Firms 09/29/08 Seattle
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