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Entry Author Date Location
Effector Therapeutics Raises $45M to Prove New Concept in Cancer 05/21/13 San Diego
MediBabble Attacks Language Barriers the Doctor’s Office 06/28/11 San Francisco
Inside Google’s Age of Augmented Humanity: Part 2, Changing the Equation in Machine Translation 01/05/11 San Francisco
Raytheon to Acquire BBN 09/01/09 Boston
A Yotta Insights on Making Money in Mobile, from Dan Shapiro of Ontela 07/10/09 Seattle
Big New Contracts at Lionbridge 01/28/09 Boston
Why Isn’t Lionbridge King of the Globalization Jungle? 05/28/08 Boston
BBN Wins $13 Million More for Translation Research 03/11/08 Boston
Lionbridge to Buy Back Another $12 Million In Common Stock 02/26/08 Boston
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