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Entry Author Date Location
Health IT Marketer eRelevance Plans Fundraising for Expansion 03/02/15 Texas
Techstars Picks 11 Startups for 2013 Class in Seattle 08/05/13 Seattle
Siri Co-Creator Questions Texas A&M Texting-and-Driving Study 04/30/13 Texas
Mobile Commons Helps NY, NJ Voters Get to Polls 11/06/12 New York
Boston-based Pingup Sees Text-to-Business Service as Productivity Tool 08/13/12 Boston
Inside Zipwhip’s Plan to Free Texting from the Phone 07/30/12 Seattle
Illume Gets $2.4M to Stop Distracted Drivers 03/18/11 Boston
Speedbump App Alerts Parents To Teen Speeding, But Keeps Mum on Good Behavior 03/17/11 Boston
Ford Makes it Easier to Avoid Texting While Driving With New SYNC Features 07/08/10 Detroit
Texting on Road Still Epidemic in MA 05/20/09 Boston
Twitter Acquires Portland-based Values of N, Gets New Talent 11/25/08 Seattle
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