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Entry Author Date Location
Austin’s Cratejoy Helps Local E-tailers Manage Subscriptions 12/15/14 Texas
Videopixie Secures New Financing Round 12/18/13 San Francisco
HD Trade Services Garners $128,500 New Funding Round 11/25/13 New York
Vastrm Fashion Obtains $1,000,000 Seed Round 08/29/13 San Francisco
EasyPost Secures $850,000 Seed Round 06/10/13 San Francisco
Leaky Lands $670,000 Seed Round 12/06/12 San Francisco
Y Combinator Alters Investment Package to Avoid “Contested Divorces” 11/26/12 San Francisco
Amicus Receives $3,200,000 New Financing Round 11/13/12 New York
FundersClub Secures $6,000,000 New Funding 10/19/12 San Francisco
ClassDojo Receives $1,600,000 Seed Financing 08/16/12 San Francisco
There Is an Incubator Bubble—And It Will Pop 08/12/11 National
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