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Entry Author Date Location
PeerTransfer Doubles Down on Payments, Looks Beyond Edtech 01/13/15 Boston
Square Receives $150,000,000 New Round 10/06/14 San Francisco
Square Lands $150,000,000 New Funding Round 10/06/14 San Francisco
Report from Techonomy Detroit: Bridging the Digital Divide 09/17/14 Detroit
Square Obtains $100,000,000 New Financing Round 09/12/14 San Francisco
Leaf Now Fully Owned by Heartland, Still Losing Cash 08/12/14 Boston
New Leaf CEO: “The Vision Hasn’t Changed” as Payment Tech Heats Up 07/29/14 Boston
Months Before CEO Shakeup, Leaf Investor Took Control of Startup 05/09/14 Boston
The Xconomy San Francisco Six: Airbnb, Apple’s Acquisitions, & More 04/25/14 San Francisco
Square Lands $200,000,000 New Round 04/07/14 San Francisco
Students Converge on Detroit for Record-Breaking Weekend Hackathon 01/21/14 Detroit
Jack Dorsey & Harlem Small Business Owners Discuss Entrepreneurship 12/19/13 New York
NYU Alums Form Network to Help Each Other in Entrepreneurship 12/03/13 New York
Schumer on Privacy & Flint Talks Mobile Payments at Street Fight Summit 10/30/13 New York
Paydiant Banks $15M, Shows Patience in Mobile Payments 09/10/13 Boston
Leaf Looks to Kill the Cash Register, Own “Entire Merchant Experience” 07/31/13 Boston
WePay Joins the Fray in Mobile Payments 03/05/13 San Francisco
Mobile Payment Platform Wars: LevelUp, Paydiant, PayPal, & More 03/04/13 Boston
CEO Angus Davis Ramps Up Swipely, Takes On Payment & Marketing Industries 12/18/12 Boston Gets $6.5M, Led by Khosla, to “Open Up” Data-Driven Healthcare 11/28/12 Boston
Square, Box, GitHub Dominate Third-Quarter Venture Activity in Bay Area 10/19/12 San Francisco
Onswipe’s Jason Baptiste on Ramping Up & Reinventing Tech for Touchscreens 10/18/12 New York
Square Goes All in for Design Studio 80/20, Gains New York Presence 10/02/12 New York
Square Receives $200,000,000 Series D Round 09/18/12 San Francisco
Square Obtains $25,000,000 Series D Financing Round 08/09/12 San Francisco
Starbucks and Square: This One’s About the Bankers 08/08/12 Seattle
Cater2me, ZeroCater Bring Food-Truck Lunch To Startups 07/03/12 San Francisco
Matt Harris to Pursue Growth Investments at Bain Capital Ventures 02/29/12 New York
Stockbox Grocers: the Food Store That’s Kind of a Tech Startup (Inside a Shipping Container) 11/09/11 Seattle
Tech Prom, Time Management, and the Future of Marketing: Q&A with Dave Balter 09/07/11 Boston
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