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Entry Author Date Location
Atmel Acquires Newport Media for $170,000,000 07/07/14 San Diego
Genentech Acquires Seragon Pharmaceuticals for $1,725,000,000 07/02/14 San Diego
PTC Acquires Atego Systems for $50,000,000 06/17/14 San Diego
Amobee Acquires Adconion for $235,000,000 06/11/14 San Diego
KKR Acquires Internet Brands for $640,000,000 06/03/14 San Diego
Apple Acquires Beats Electronics for $3,000,000,000 05/28/14 San Diego
Telik Acquires MabVax Therapeutics for Undisclosed Sum 05/14/14 San Diego
Shire Pharmaceuticals Acquires Lumena Pharmaceuticals for $260,000,000 05/12/14 San Diego
Intuit Acquires Lettuce for $30,000,000 05/08/14 San Diego
AOL Acquires Convertro for $101,000,000 05/06/14 San Diego
Red Hat Acquires Inktank for $175,000,000 04/30/14 San Diego
NeoStem Acquires California Stem Cell for $124,000,000 04/16/14 San Diego
AwesomenessTV Acquires Big Frame for $15,000,000 04/03/14 San Diego
Facebook Acquires Oculus VR for $2,000,000,000 03/25/14 San Diego
Walt Disney Co Acquires Maker Studios for $500,000,000 03/24/14 San Diego
LG Chem Acquires NanoH20 for $200,000,000 03/18/14 San Diego
Fundable Acquires LaunchRock for Undisclosed Sum 03/13/14 San Diego
Vobile Acquires Blayze for Undisclosed Sum 03/10/14 San Diego
Rooster Vacation Rentals Acquires LeisureLink for Undisclosed Sum 03/05/14 San Diego
Beats Electronics Acquires Topspin Media for Undisclosed Sum 03/04/14 San Diego
Shopzilla Acquires Connexity for Undisclosed Sum 02/21/14 San Diego
Apple Acquires Burstly for Undisclosed Sum 02/21/14 San Diego
Mast Therapeutics Acquires Aires Pharmaceuticals for Undisclosed Sum 02/11/14 San Diego
McGraw-Hill Education Acquires Engrade for Undisclosed Sum 02/05/14 San Diego
AOL Acquires Gravity for $83,000,000 01/23/14 San Diego
Fullscreen Acquires Viddy for Undisclosed Sum 01/15/14 San Diego
Verizon Communications Acquires EdgeCast Networks for Undisclosed Sum 12/09/13 San Diego
Harris Acquires Imagine Communications for Undisclosed Sum 12/06/13 San Diego
The Medicines Company Acquires Rempex Pharmaceuticals for $474,000,000 12/05/13 San Diego
Intuit Acquires Docstoc for Undisclosed Sum 12/04/13 San Diego
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