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Entry Author Date Location
Hullabalu Receives $2,500,000 New Round 11/09/15 New York
Emergent VR Lands $2,200,000 New Financing Round 10/19/15 San Francisco
WI Startups Try to Grab Silicon Valley’s Gaze in 2nd Annual Trip 10/15/15 Wisconsin
Inverse Receives New Funding 08/13/15 San Francisco
Payable Secures $2,100,000 New Funding 08/07/15 San Francisco
AltspaceVR Garners $10,300,000 New Funding Round 07/29/15 San Francisco
Tech Training Startup Andela Gets Series A Funds from Spark Capital 06/25/15 New York
AltspaceVR Launches Social Media-Virtual Reality Combo 05/18/15 San Francisco
Naja Secures $600,000 New Financing Round 01/29/14 San Francisco
Naja Receives $600,000 New Funding Round 01/29/14 San Francisco
SOLS Lands $1,750,000 Seed Funding 01/28/14 New York
Robinhood Secures $3,000,000 Seed Funding 12/19/13 San Francisco
Freight Farms Garners $1,200,000 Series A Funding Round 12/11/13 Boston
Pixlee Lands $1,500,000 Seed Financing 10/30/13 San Francisco
Bustle Receives $6,500,000 Series A Round 08/14/13 New York
Verbling Garners $400,000 New Funding 08/09/13 San Francisco
Verbling Obtains $400,000 New Financing Round 08/09/13 San Francisco
Patreon Secures $2,100,000 Seed Funding 08/03/13 San Francisco
Propeller Secures $1,250,000 New Financing 06/29/13 San Francisco
Hullabalu Obtains $1,800,000 New Funding Round 06/07/13 New York
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