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Big Bay Area Funding Week: Banjo, AltSchool, Twilio, Robinhood 05/07/15 San Francisco
ZenPayroll CEO: It’s Not the Money ($60M), It’s the Investor (Google) 04/07/15 San Francisco
Credit Karma Receives $85,000,000 New Funding 03/12/14 San Francisco
CAN Capital Secures $33,000,000 Series C Financing 01/10/14 New York
Coinbase Obtains $25,000,000 Series B Financing Round 12/12/13 San Francisco
ContaAzul Obtains Series B Financing 11/05/13 San Francisco
CreditKarma Obtains $30,000,000 Series B Financing 04/02/13 San Francisco
Borro Lands $26,000,000 New Funding Round 10/12/12 New York
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