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Alder Rises From Ashes of Layoffs to Become Seattle Biotech Force 01/04/10 Seattle
Alkermes Bets $10M on Long-Lasting Drug Technology from Startup Neighbor, Acceleron 12/03/09 Boston
Alder’s Breakout $1B Deal, Kineta Teams With UW on Vaccines, Verathon Gets Acquired, & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 11/12/09 Seattle
Alder and New Partner, Bristol, to Give Amgen and Abbott a Run for Their Money 11/11/09 Seattle
Clearwire Closes $1.5B, Alder Scores $1B Partnership, Software Financings Are Down, & More Seattle-Area Deals News 11/10/09 Seattle
Alder Scores Deal With Bristol-Myers Potentially Worth $1 Billion 11/10/09 Seattle
Six Tips on How to Spot a Winning Biotech, From Dendreon Co-Founder Chris Henney 10/14/09 Seattle
“Don’t Touch My Bags If You Please, Mr. Customs Man” 10/05/09 Seattle
Omeros Moves Closer to IPO, Zymo Drug Fails Arthritis Trials, Uptake Medical Gets $3.4M, & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 09/17/09 Seattle
Zymo Drug Fails Arthritis Trials 09/10/09 Seattle
Trubion Gets $20M Upfront in Leukemia Drug Partnership With Facet; Shares Boom 08/28/09 Seattle
Biotech Startup Acetylon Pharma Catches $7.25M in A Round from Backers Such As New England Patriots Owner 08/07/09 Boston
Alder Expands Partnership with Schering-Plough, Adds “Significant” Upfront Cash 06/08/09 Seattle
Alder Drug Fights Cancer Fatigue 06/01/09 Seattle
Targeted Genetics, Mainstay of Gene Therapy, Faces Likely Shutdown 05/07/09 Seattle
Calistoga Raises $30M to Develop Drugs for Cancer, Inflammation 05/05/09 Seattle
Biotech Neighbors, VLST and Novo Nordisk, Forge Alliance in Seattle’s South Lake Union 04/06/09 Seattle
Trubion Starts Lupus Trial 03/25/09 Seattle
Trubion Cuts One-Fourth of Workforce 02/25/09 Seattle
Seattle Genetics Raises Dough, Trubion Feels Fallout of Pfizer Deal, Novo Sets Up Shop, & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 01/29/09 Seattle
Pfizer’s Bid For Wyeth Sends Ripples Through Trubion Pharmaceuticals, Seattle Biotechs 01/27/09 Seattle
Pfizer-Wyeth Combo’s Impact on San Diego Biotech: Bad for Dealmaking, Good for Shareholders 01/27/09 San Diego
Axikin Raises $3M After Spinning Out From Actimis 01/22/09 San Diego
Burnham Cuts Deal With Johnson & Johnson In First Sweeping Big Pharma Partnership 01/13/09 San Diego
CalciMedica Finds a New Pathway to Fight Autoimmune Disorders 01/09/09 San Diego
Zymo Boss Sees Immunex Parallel, Arch Startup Bags $7M, Northstar Folds, & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 01/08/09 Seattle
Washington’s Life Sciences Ambassador, Jack Faris, Exits the Stage 12/29/08 Seattle
Archemix Secures Partnership with Glaxo to Develop Drugs for Inflammatory Diseases 12/23/08 Boston
VLST Snags Partnership with Novo Nordisk to Develop New Drugs for Autoimmunity 12/17/08 Seattle
Who’s Hiring in Seattle Biotech? It’s Not All Layoffs, All the Time 12/10/08 Seattle
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