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Seattle Roundup: Rover, Tune, Rhapsody, Rightside, Zillow, Ada 08/08/14 Seattle
Aereo & the Rebel Startup Myth: Some Say “Not Where You Want to Be” 02/20/14 New York
Rhapsody Obtains New Round 10/17/13 Seattle
Rhapsody Secures New Financing Round 09/19/13 Seattle
Rhapsody Garners New Financing Round 09/19/13 Seattle
Rhapsody Beefs up Smart TV Offerings, Hints at More Features 10/03/12 Seattle
Rhapsody at 10 Years: Surviving Long Enough to Face a Herd of New Competitors 11/30/11 Seattle
Amazon, Khosla, Tippr: The 1-Minute Week in Seattle Tech Headlines 10/04/11 Seattle
Rhapsody Adds Napster – and Maybe Some Overseas Subscribers 10/03/11 Seattle
RealNetworks CEO Bob Kimball Out, Presided Over Big Changes 03/28/11 Seattle
mSpot Opens Up Freemium Cloud Music Service in a Bid to Pre-empt Apple and Google; In-Depth Q&A with CEO Daren Tsui 06/28/10 San Francisco
NWEN “First Look” Forum Tells Story of Software Vs. Medical Startups: Online Travel Is the Winner 04/14/10 Seattle
Jobster Gets New Owner, MDRNA Merges with Cequent and Teams Up with Pfizer, & More Seattle-Area Deals News 04/06/10 Seattle
RealNetworks Spins Off Rhapsody, Urban Airship and Swype Raise Cash, Winshuttle Buys A1, & More Seattle-Area Deals News 02/17/10 Seattle
RealNetworks Acting CEO Bob Kimball Speaks on Rebuilding the Company, Transforming the Culture, and Spinning Off Music and Games 02/11/10 Seattle
Real Spins Off Rhapsody 02/09/10 Seattle
Real Names New Head of Music, Media, Tech 01/22/10 Seattle
Rob Glaser’s Real Legacy: A New Mass Medium, New Markets, and Constant Reinvention 01/15/10 Seattle
Going nuTsie: Melodeo Looks to Beat Apple to the Punch with New Cloud-Based Music Service 01/14/10 Seattle
Melodeo, Making Big Push in Online Music, Eyes Apple in the Cloud 01/12/10 Seattle
Google Demos Chrome OS, Microsoft Links Into LinkedIn, Amazon Ramps Up for Holidays, & More Big Company News 11/20/09 Seattle
Some Thoughts on Rhapsody, iTunes, and the Future of Digital Music 09/10/09 Seattle
Rhapsody Flows on iPhone 09/10/09 Seattle
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