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Entry Author Date Location
VC Keeps up Hot Pace, 2011 Could Mark 10-Year Peak, CB Insights Says 10/13/11 National
UCSF Chancellor Susan Desmond-Hellmann “Shapes an Empire,” Says NYT 10/11/11 San Francisco
From the Kinect to AIDS Vaccines: Rick Rashid Reflects on 20 Years of Microsoft Research 09/27/11 Seattle
TechStars, Wetpaint, Intel: A 1-Minute Recap of Seattle Tech Headlines 09/27/11 Seattle
Smart Kitchens & Beyond: Intel’s New Research Partnership with UW Boosts “Pervasive Computing” 09/26/11 Seattle
UW’s Shwetak Patel Named “Genius Grant” Recipient for Work on Sensor Networks 09/20/11 Seattle
My Child Has WHAT? A Former Microsoft Exec’s Mission to Fight a Tough Brain Disease 09/19/11 Seattle
WSU Program Nurtures Budding Research Scientists 09/12/11 Detroit
Bluefin Labs, Named After a Sushi Bar, Tracks Social Media Around “Every Show on TV” 09/12/11 Boston
Amnis to Be Acquired by EMD Millipore of Merck KGaA 08/30/11 Boston
Harvard Accelerator Program, Proving Its Mettle with Startups and Pharma Partnerships, Looks to Raise Big New Fund 08/11/11 Boston
Cape Cod Startup PartingGift Looks to Gamify Market Research 08/09/11 Boston
CyPhy Scores More Cash 07/12/11 Boston
How’s That Stretchy, Bendy Stuff Working Out for Ya? MC10 Looks to Turn Flexible Sensors and Solar Cells Into a Growth Business 07/12/11 Boston
The Auto Magnate and the Scientist: How Mass General is Working With Lee Iacocca to Find a Diabetes Cure 06/24/11 Boston
BMS & Others Partner with WPI 06/09/11 Boston
Pfizer Forms $100M Research Partnership with Boston-Area Schools and Hospitals 06/08/11 Boston
Stemline Makes Headway Against Cancer Stem Cells And Proves Value of Virtual Model 06/08/11 New York
NeuroHealing Repurposes Drugs, Resulting in Potential New Remedies For CNS Disorders 06/02/11 Boston
New York Area Companies Head to ASCO With High Hopes For Future Cancer Blockbusters 06/01/11 New York
Invoke Brings In $3.8M 04/29/11 Boston
Pfizer Adds to Data on Novel RA Drug 04/28/11 New York
Joi Ito Will Put MIT Media Lab Back on World Stage, Says Maes-Watch for Hiring Binge 04/26/11 Boston
Sanofi, Stanford Form Alliance 04/18/11 San Francisco
Pfizer Releases Top Line Data on Novel RA Drug 04/15/11 New York
Who’s Going to Pay for Future Drug Development? (Part 1) 03/22/11 National
TechFest Pumps Up Microsoft Research, HomePipe Lands $1.1M, A New Fund for Science Education, & More NW Tech Tidbits 03/08/11 Seattle
UCSF Nabs $48M Gift 02/28/11 San Francisco
Obama’s Earmark Ban Could Ripple Through Northwest Makers of Vaccines, Biofuels, Clean Water Technology 02/24/11 Seattle
iAMscientist, Backed by George Whitesides, Tries to Help Firms and Institutes Find Top Talent 02/23/11 Boston
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