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Entry Author Date Location
New Advanced Computing Institute Bolsters NW Big Data Cluster 01/09/13 Seattle
The Fiscal Cliff Is Forcing a Biomedical Day of Reckoning 12/31/12 National
U-M’s MCubed Seed Grants Fund 50 Researcher-Led Innovation Projects 11/29/12 Detroit
Allied Minds: Boston Firm Details First Two Startups in Federal Deal 11/13/12 Boston
Roche Picks New Big Apple Tower as Home for Research Center 09/21/12 New York
PackBots, Roombas, and Now, Healthcare: The iRobot Story 09/12/12 Boston
$20 Million W Fund, Focusing on Research Spinouts, Open for Business 06/20/12 Seattle
New UW Spinout Zplasma Aims to Keep Moore’s Law Humming 06/05/12 Seattle
Xconomist of the Week: Tom Maniatis on Prize4Life and ALS Research 05/17/12 National
Microsoft Adds NYC Research Site Targeting Social Science Questions 05/03/12 New York
Peter Schultz on New Merck-Funded Institute: ‘We’re Getting Lots of Resumes’ 03/16/12 San Diego
Microsoft’s ChronoZoom: One Web Page, 13.7 Billion Years of History 03/14/12 Seattle
From MIT’s Media Lab to Time Warner’s: Innerscope’s Biometric Tech 03/05/12 Boston
UW’s Matsuoka Stays at Nest, Brain Research Center Gets New Director 02/22/12 Seattle
MicroCHIPS Shows Promise of Bone Drug Implant in First Human Trial 02/16/12 Boston
UW Incubator: Ground Zero for Doubling Startup Spinouts in 3 Years 02/08/12 Seattle
UW Opening “New Ventures” Incubator to Support Spin-Offs 02/08/12 Seattle
The Convergence of Biology, Medicine, and Engineering 01/18/12 Boston
Scientists Morph Into Entrepreneurs Through NSF I-Corps Program 12/19/11 San Francisco
A Computer That Knows How You Feel? See Roz Picard’s Affectiva Demo at 6×6 Thursday 11/29/11 Boston
Video: Microsoft Research, CMU Take Covers off “OmniTouch” Touchscreen Projector 10/17/11 Seattle
VC Keeps up Hot Pace, 2011 Could Mark 10-Year Peak, CB Insights Says 10/13/11 National
UCSF Chancellor Susan Desmond-Hellmann “Shapes an Empire,” Says NYT 10/11/11 San Francisco
From the Kinect to AIDS Vaccines: Rick Rashid Reflects on 20 Years of Microsoft Research 09/27/11 Seattle
TechStars, Wetpaint, Intel: A 1-Minute Recap of Seattle Tech Headlines 09/27/11 Seattle
Smart Kitchens & Beyond: Intel’s New Research Partnership with UW Boosts “Pervasive Computing” 09/26/11 Seattle
UW’s Shwetak Patel Named “Genius Grant” Recipient for Work on Sensor Networks 09/20/11 Seattle
My Child Has WHAT? A Former Microsoft Exec’s Mission to Fight a Tough Brain Disease 09/19/11 Seattle
WSU Program Nurtures Budding Research Scientists 09/12/11 Detroit
Bluefin Labs, Named After a Sushi Bar, Tracks Social Media Around “Every Show on TV” 09/12/11 Boston
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