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Can Data Visualization and Analytics Solve Detroit’s Transit Woes? 12/03/14 Detroit Ann Arbor
To Attract Tech Workers, Developer Envisions the City in the Suburbs 02/06/14 Seattle
Bridging the Gap Between Ann Arbor and Detroit: A Proposition 06/14/13 Detroit Ann Arbor
Coming Soon: the Detroit Bus Company’s Newest Transit Innovations 02/20/13 Detroit Ann Arbor
Detroit Bus Company: Disrupting Old Models in a Transit-Starved City 09/11/12 Detroit Ann Arbor
Trendspotting with Ford: How the Auto Industry Prepares for the Future 07/03/12 Detroit Ann Arbor
Altair ProductDesign Unveils World’s First Hydraulic Hybrid Bus 09/15/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
MBTA Data Helps Google Users Get Around Boston 07/30/09 Boston
Maglev Industry Gains Momentum, But Is Big Cost A Turn-Off? 12/18/08 San Diego
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