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Spire, Planet Labs Shrug Off Launch Disaster For Elon Musk’s SpaceX 07/02/15 San Francisco
Navdy’s $20M for Heads-Up Displays: Why it Raised More Than Expected 04/17/15 San Francisco
VIRES Aeronautics Lands $1,000,000 Series A Funding Round 03/04/14 San Francisco
Embarke, Home from Seattle, Gets $1.25M to Make E-mail Work Better 10/23/13 San Diego
Embarke Garners $1,250,000 Seed Funding 10/15/13 San Diego
Layer Secures $1,500,000 Seed Funding Round 09/16/13 San Francisco
Audiodraft Lands $400,000 New Financing 07/19/13 San Francisco
OwnerListens Obtains $1,100,000 Seed Financing 05/13/13 San Francisco
Getable Receives $1,800,000 Series B Financing Round 03/01/13 San Francisco
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