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What Fuels Innovation? Houston’s MEST Conference Says Diversity 09/16/15 Texas
Galvanize Expands Coding School, Co-working Space Into Austin 08/13/15 Texas
Mobile Development Startups Think Big, Rake in Big Rounds 08/27/14 Boston
Coding For All: Makersquare Aims to Expand the Programming Corps 07/08/14 Texas
Romotive’s iPhone on Wheels Gets Kids Riled Up About Robotics 01/31/14 National
Play-i’s Robots Make Programming Come Alive for Kids 11/22/13 San Francisco
Dan Shapiro Builds a Board Game to Teach 3-Year-Olds Programming 09/03/13 Seattle
The Geek Doesn’t Always Get the Girl: A Novelist on Hacking Romance 08/09/13 National
How to Think Like a Hacker, Even If You Can’t Code 08/05/13 New York
Girl Develop It’s Detroit Chapter Teaches Women to Code 05/23/13 Detroit Ann Arbor
Programming Literacy Done Right: It’s About the Tools 01/08/13 San Francisco
In Kuato’s Game World, Knowledge is Power, and the AIs are Friendly 07/31/12 San Francisco
Critical Thinking and the Scientific Process First—Humanities Later 01/18/12 National
Turning Data into Meaning 01/18/12 New York
Y Combinator’s Summer 2011 Demo Day: The Definitive Debrief, Part 1 08/24/11 San Francisco
Typesafe Snaps Up $3M 05/13/11 Boston
Teachers Explore How to Integrate Computer Science into K-12 Curriculum at UW Conference 08/09/10 Seattle
Microsoft Rolls Out Web Developer Program 09/24/09 Seattle
Brainy Blog from Supercomputing Firm 03/28/08 Boston
Challenge to Boston Mobile Developers: Show Us Your iPhone Apps 03/07/08 Boston
Closing the Back Door: Veracode Verifies Software Code One Bit at a Time 01/11/08 Boston
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