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Orexigen Beats the Odds, Wins OK from FDA Panel for Obesity Drug 12/07/10 San Diego
San Diego’s Fight Against Diabesity: Can Investors Make Money, and Can Startups Still Thrive? 12/03/10 San Diego
The Fight Against Diabesity: How Will San Diego Adapt in the Era of Tough FDA Scrutiny? 11/22/10 San Diego
Arena Obesity Drug Fails to Win FDA Approval, May Need More Clinical Testing 10/25/10 San Diego
Arena Obesity Drug Was Effective by ‘Slim Margin,’ FDA Staff Raises Rat Cancer Concern; Shares Tumble 09/14/10 San Diego
Zogenix Files for IPO, Orexigen Licenses Obesity Drug to Takeda, ImThera Raises Capital For Sleep Apnea, & More San Diego Life Science News 09/09/10 San Diego
Orexigen Nabs $1B Deal With Takeda to Market Obesity Drug, Shares Climb 09/02/10 San Diego
Tethys Pockets $33M, Achaogen’s Vision for Antibiotics, Genentech Strikes Out at FDA Panel, & More Bay Area Life Sciences News 07/23/10 San Francisco
Cypress Bio Gets Buyout Offer, Trius Prepares for IPO, Arena Gains Following Vivus Setback, & More San Diego Life Sciences News 07/22/10 San Diego
Euthymics, Led by Orexigen Vet, Nabs $24M for Depression Drug With Fewer Side Effects 07/22/10 Boston
Lessons Learned About the Outlook for New Obesity Drug Approval 07/16/10 National
Vivus Obesity Drug Shot Down by FDA Panel, in Close Vote 07/15/10 San Francisco
How Novartis Got Its Vaccines Groove Back, Intellikine Gets a Drug Development Deal, Ambrx CEO Departs, & More San Diego Life Sciences News 07/15/10 San Diego
Vivus Faces Turning Point in Obesity Drug Battle Tomorrow With Arena, Orexigen 07/14/10 San Francisco
Sanofi Buys TargeGen, Biogen Idec Hires CEO, Orexigen Obesity Drug Shows Promise Against Diabetes, & More San Diego Life Sciences News 07/01/10 San Diego
Arena Strikes Deal with Eisai to Market Obesity Drug in U.S., Pocketing $50M Upfront 07/01/10 San Diego
Orexigen Drug Shows Potential as “Two-Fer” Against Obesity and Diabetes 06/25/10 San Diego
Isis Snags Glaxo Deal, Orexigen Heads to FDA, Cyntellect Pockets $3M & More San Diego Area Life Sciences News 04/01/10 San Diego
Orexigen Seeks FDA OK for Obesity Drug 03/31/10 San Diego
Zafgen’s Mysterious Weight Loss Drug Advances Into First Trial for Obese Women 02/08/10 Boston
Arena Loses Merck Collaboration After Clogged-Artery Drug Fails Clinical Trial 12/23/09 San Diego
Scandal, Swine Flu, Shareholder Disputes, and More: 2009 Was Quite a Year for San Diego’s Life Sciences Industry 12/22/09 San Diego
Orexigen Beefs Up Management 11/23/09 San Diego
Amylin Strikes $1 Billion Deal with Takeda to Co-Develop Weight Loss Drugs 11/02/09 San Diego
UK’s Enigma Looks to San Diego, Life Gets Sweeter for Senomyx, Arena Says Obesity Drug Is Not “Wimpy,” & More San Diego Life Sciences News 10/29/09 San Diego
Arena Positions Weight Loss Drug as the One That Won’t Raise Your Blood Pressure 10/27/09 San Diego
The San Diego Biotech Survival Index: Local Firms Make Strong Rebound In First Half of 2009 09/23/09 San Diego
Arena Obesity Drug Passes Second Trial, Aims to Sell Safe Option for Millions of People 09/18/09 San Diego
Amylin Targets Obesity, Tioga Shows Virtual Business Model, Roka Bioscience Spins Off Gen-Probe, & More San Diego Life Sciences News 09/17/09 San Diego
Amylin, Dark Horse of the Obesity Drug Battle, Follows Fast Behind Arena, Orexigen 09/14/09 San Diego
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