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Ballmer Says iPad Is a PC, Bill Gates Praises Steve Jobs and Apple—A Few Microsoft Highlights 06/03/10 Seattle
Microsoft Builds Open-Source Tool for Biologists Drowning in Data, an ‘On-Ramp’ for Customers Who Pay 05/03/10 Seattle
PV Powered Bought for $90M, Adaptive TCR Raises $4.5M, Microsoft and Ford Join Forces, & More Seattle-Area Deals News 03/31/10 Seattle
How Microsoft’s New Mobile Approach Stacks Up with Apple and Google 02/22/10 Seattle
The Apple Paradox: How a Company That’s So Closed Can Foster So Much Open Innovation 01/25/10 National
Evri, SEOmoz, Topsy, and Sage to Present at “Future of Search” Forum 11/05/09 Seattle
Sage Bionetworks, Biology’s Open Source Spark, Snags “Major” Donation from Quintiles 10/06/09 Seattle
Portland Tech Startups Power Through a Summer of Highs and Lows—A Guest Roundup 09/11/09 Seattle
Acquia on Why Web Publishers Love Drupal—And How the Startup Balances Business With Belonging to an Open-Source Community 08/20/09 Boston
Stephen Friend, Leaving High-Powered Merck Gig, Lights Fire for Open Source Biology Movement 08/06/09 Seattle
Reductive Labs, Moving to Portland, Raises $2M for Open Source IT Automation 06/23/09 Seattle
Prepared Response Raises $6.3M, Cell Therapeutics Loses Debt, RealNetworks Gets Into Netbooks, & More Seattle-Area Deals News 06/09/09 Seattle
RealNetworks Partners with Netbook OS Vendors 06/02/09 Seattle
Facebook Funds Seattle Startups, 1000 Markets Gets Seed Financing, Modumetal Closes Equity Round, & More Seattle-Area Deals News 06/02/09 Seattle
SourceForge Acquires Ohloh 05/29/09 Seattle
Open Source Biology Movement Co-Founder, Merck’s Eric Schadt, Leaves for New Job 05/28/09 Seattle
People Doing Strange Things With Soldering Irons: A Visit to Hackerspace 05/22/09 National
How Microsoft BizSpark Is Doing With Startups—And How It Can Do Better 05/11/09 Seattle
From MIT Blackjack Team to Amazon Acquisition: The Lexcycle Story 05/08/09 Seattle
Likewise Laps Up $10M Series C 04/30/09 Seattle
JanRain Offers Universal Logins, Puts Portland at Center of Internet Identity Movement 04/09/09 Seattle
Report: IBM in Talks to Buy Sun Microsystems for $6.5B 03/18/09 Boston
Shaking Off Defensive Image, Black Duck Aims to Accelerate Software Development with Open Source 03/17/09 Boston
Friend Leads Open Source Biology Push, Arzeda Leaves UW Nest, SBRI Teams with PATH on Malaria, & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 03/05/09 Seattle
Arzeda Scores VC, Intellectual Ventures Teams with Telcordia, Twilio Gets Founders Funding, & More Seattle-Area Deals News 03/03/09 Seattle
Harnessing the Crowd to Make Better Drugs: Merck’s Friend Nails Down $5M to Propel New Open Source Era 03/02/09 Seattle
Black Duck Raises $9.5M 02/09/09 Boston
Lucid Imagination Raises $6 Million for Open Source Search Support 12/10/08 Boston
Amazon’s Elastic Block Store—A Glimpse of Cloud Computing’s Future 08/22/08 Boston
Microsoft, Novell Continue Unlikely Windows-Linux Partnership 08/20/08 National
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