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Entry Author Date Location
Drifty Adds $2.6M To Build Ionic’s Popularity With App Developers 03/30/15 Wisconsin
Software Maker Graylog Raises $2.5M, Moves to Houston from Germany 02/06/15 Texas
Local Motors Looks to Disrupt Manufacturing with 3D-Printed Car 01/22/15 Detroit
How Will the Auto Industry Capitalize on the Internet of Things? 11/13/14 Detroit
Curoverse Gets $1.5M to Develop Open Source Genomics Tool 12/18/13 Boston
With $32M, Opscode Becomes ‘Chef’ and Serves ‘New IT’ Platform 12/09/13 Seattle
Pharma Showing Interest in Open Systems for Drug Discovery 10/23/13 National
Humanitarian Toolbox Cranks Out Open-Source Apps for Disaster Relief 09/24/13 Detroit
Understanding Open Science 08/08/13 National
OpenIncubate to Boost Open-Source Startups in Austin, Boston, and SF 07/19/13 Texas
Socrata Powers—and Benefits From—Open Data Movement in Government 06/06/13 Seattle
Newark Mayor Cory Booker Says Government Must Embrace Tech, Be Open Source 03/20/13 New York
Miguel de Icaza: From “Anti-Apple” to Xamarin, Helping Windows Devs Go iOS 03/19/13 Boston
Sage Bionetworks Absorbs Dream, Plans Open Science ‘Challenges’ 02/19/13 Seattle
Big Data at Facebook—A Glossary 02/14/13 San Francisco
Notes From the Auto Show: Smarter, Sexier, More Fun 01/25/13 Detroit
Neo Aims to Reorder the Business World with Graph Databases 01/07/13 San Francisco
Quant5 Rolls Out Marketing Analytics Software for Big Data Wannabes 10/22/12 Boston
Carbonite Buys Backup Firm Zmanda as Big Data Spending Skyrockets 10/18/12 Boston
The iRobot Q&A: Colin Angle on the Next Robotics Inflection Point 08/28/12 Boston
Allan Jones, the Force Behind Paul Allen’s Vision for Brain Science 07/26/12 Seattle
Taking Open Biology to the Next Level: Notes from the Sage Congress 04/27/12 National
Innovation in Startup Business Models 04/05/12 Boston
Microsoft’s Mayhem: Remote Controls for Everything (Eventually) 03/08/12 National
How to Disrupt IBM, Oracle, and VMware: The CloudBees Story 02/29/12 Boston
Enanta, Satori, Vertex & More of the Week’s Life Sciences Newsmakers 02/24/12 Boston
Open Source May be the Answer for Pharma and Biotech 02/17/12 Seattle
Fighting Crime with Technology: A Detroit Success Story 12/16/11 Detroit
Ingenuitas Puts Open-Source Software to Work in Manufacturing 12/06/11 Detroit
Gates at UW, PopCap’s Mobile Guru, Redfin’s Millions: Wrapping up Seattle Tech Headlines 11/01/11 Seattle
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