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Midokura Lands $17,300,000 Series A Financing Round 04/03/13 San Francisco
Acme Packet, the iPhone 5, and the End of Telecom 11/05/12 Boston
Cray’s Comeback: CEO Peter Ungaro on Clouds, Exaflops, and the Future of Supercomputing 07/30/09 Seattle
Facebook Funds Seattle Startups, 1000 Markets Gets Seed Financing, Modumetal Closes Equity Round, & More Seattle-Area Deals News 06/02/09 Seattle
Loctronix Helps Japan Find Itself 05/26/09 Seattle
The Ups and Downs of Bitboys, Now Known As Qualcomm Finland 04/01/09 San Diego
NEC Snaps Up Netcracker 08/08/08 Boston
Red Bend Downloads $10 Million Update 04/22/08 Boston
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