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Entry Author Date Location
New CEO at Sand 9 02/08/10 Boston
BIND Hires New CEO, Raises $11M 01/11/10 Boston
My Top 10 List of Innovations Across the Spectrum 12/22/09 San Diego
QD Vision Sees $10M Round 12/16/09 Boston
Homeland Security Backs Cell Phone Sensors to “Crowdsource” Detection of Deadly Chemicals 11/02/09 San Diego
MIT Elevator Pitch Contest Takes Startup Salesmanship to New Level 11/02/09 Boston
NanoSteel Reports $8M Round 08/21/09 Boston
Alnylam, Tekmira and New Northwest Firm, AlCana, Push Boundaries of RNAi Delivery 08/13/09 Boston
Aculon Offers Cleantech Breakthrough as it Commercializes Nanocoating Technology 07/17/09 San Diego
MC10 Tapping Founding VC North Bridge Venture Partners to Advance Stretchable Silicon Business 07/13/09 Boston
Raj Krishnan: Moving From Cancer Diagnosis Innovation to a Business 06/10/09 San Diego
Nanogen Lays Off 89 06/02/09 San Diego
Lux Capital’s Larry Bock and Josh Wolfe Warm to Venture Deals Despite Nuclear Winter 05/06/09 San Diego
Bent Named CEO of GMZ Energy 04/21/09 Boston
DOE Award for QD Vision 04/20/09 Boston
Nano-Terra in Water Treatment Deal 04/01/09 Boston
Aura Biosciences Aims to Develop “Ballistic Missile” Drug to Beat Pancreatic Cancer, Deliver RNAi Therapies 03/12/09 Boston
MIT Spinout Semprus BioSciences Looks for Strong Bonds with Medical-Device Companies After Closing $8M Series A 12/22/08 Boston
EnerG2, Backed by OVP and Firelake, Wants to Own Energy Storage in the Electricity Economy 11/18/08 Seattle
Xtalic Shines With 10M Series B Funding 11/03/08 Boston
Sand 9 Shrinks Electronic Clocks, Expands with $8 Million Round 07/14/08 Boston
Harnessing Nanotechnology to Drive the New Global Economy 04/28/08 Boston
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