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FKA Atlas Has a New Name: Accomplice 06/29/15 Boston
How Not to Name a Startup: The Curse of the Camel Case 12/22/11 National
Steve Jobs: A Few Memories 10/06/11 Boston
CombinatoRx Becomes Zalicus 09/09/10 Boston
Taris Hires New CEO, Stromedix Hopes Clinical Trial Will Advance, Euthymics Hits the Ground With Series A, & More Boston-Area Life Sciences News 07/23/10 Boston
DirectoryM Changes Name to nSphere, Highlights Data-Aggregating Focus 07/20/10 Boston
Inverness Name Change to Alere 07/16/10 Boston
RunMyErrand Is Now TaskRabbit 04/08/10 Boston
Ascent Changes to Anchor 03/30/10 Boston
Buerk Dale Victor Renamed Montlake Capital 01/12/10 Seattle
Zulily Zips Out of Stealth and Raises $4.6M, Led by Maveron and Ex-Blue Nilers 12/17/09 Seattle
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