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Wetpaint Rolls Out New Platform to ‘Reinvent Publishing,’ Wetpaint Entertainment 09/06/10 Seattle
MOD Systems Inks $6M Series B, Surviving Controversy Surrounding Indictment of Co-Founder Mark Phillips 09/03/10 Seattle
The Leaning Tower of Ping: How iTunes Could Be Apple’s Undoing 09/03/10 National
Can Microsoft Outflank Apple, Facebook, and Google? A Strategy Update 08/25/10 National
New Tech Clusters, Energy Boom, and VC Survival: Some Early Themes to Watch 07/15/10 Boston
Will Jelli’s Crowdsourcing Kill the Radio Stars (and Save the Stations)? Stay Tuned 07/12/10 San Francisco
HP Buys Melodeo, RumbleFish Partners With YouTube, Motricity Declines & More Seattle-Area Deals News 06/29/10 Seattle
mSpot Opens Up Freemium Cloud Music Service in a Bid to Pre-empt Apple and Google; In-Depth Q&A with CEO Daren Tsui 06/28/10 San Francisco
Rumblefish, YouTube Team Up to Offer Music Licensing Service for Consumers 06/24/10 Seattle
HP Buys Melodeo for Reported $30-$35M 06/23/10 Seattle
Etude on the iPad—A Young Boston Developer Follows the Music to San Francisco 06/23/10 San Francisco
Sonicbids Acquires ArtistData 06/14/10 Boston
OurStage Lifts Curtain on $2.6M 05/20/10 Boston
Dympol Uses Targeted Advertising to Cut Online Music Costs 05/06/10 Boston
Motown Robots Rock With Bon Jovi 05/05/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
Nimbit Drums Up $377K 05/04/10 Boston
Partovis to Step Down at MySpace 04/20/10 Seattle
Microsoft Talks Kin Phone, Tightens Twitter Ties, Dominates Human-Computer Interactions—A Redmond Roundup 04/15/10 Seattle
MicroCHIPS, Nimbit, and Xcellerex Hire New CEOs 04/13/10 Boston
Alibris Acquires Monsoon 02/23/10 Seattle
RealNetworks Spins Off Rhapsody, Urban Airship and Swype Raise Cash, Winshuttle Buys A1, & More Seattle-Area Deals News 02/17/10 Seattle
RealNetworks Acting CEO Bob Kimball Speaks on Rebuilding the Company, Transforming the Culture, and Spinning Off Music and Games 02/11/10 Seattle
Boston Beats Seattle for Hospitality, At Least for Heavy Metal Techies 02/10/10 Seattle
Real Spins Off Rhapsody 02/09/10 Seattle
Battle of the Tech Bands 3: Boston vs. Seattle—A Video and Photo Extravaganza 02/09/10 Boston
Yes We Have a Winner from Last Night’s Battle, and No, It’s Not What You Would Expect 02/05/10 Boston
See You Tonight at Battle of the Tech Bands: Come for Boston! 02/04/10 Boston
All-Star Lineup of Guest Judges Set For Thursday Night’s Battle of the Tech Bands Seattle vs. Boston Smackdown 02/03/10 Boston
Previewing Xconomy’s Battle of the Tech Bands (Seattle Vs. Boston) with Dave Dederer from Melodeo and The Presidents of the USA 02/02/10 Seattle
From Social Media to the 3-D Internet: Companies Need to Change Up, Says Former RealNetworks Exec Kelly Jo MacArthur 02/02/10 Seattle
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