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The Echo Nest Nabs $17M More for Smarter Music Tech 07/12/12 Boston
TastemakerX Builds a “Taste Graph” to Reward Music Trendspotters 06/14/12 San Francisco
Gaming and Music Take Center Stage at Startup Weekend NYC 05/07/12 New York
Clio Searches for Music—Using Music 04/11/12 San Francisco
Turntable.fm Signs Pacts With Four Top Music Labels 03/14/12 New York
Songza’s Music Strategy Poised to Disrupt Pandora, Spotify, iTunes 03/05/12 New York
Amazon Looking to “Rapidly Grow” Digital Music Team 01/25/12 Seattle
CS + X, for all X 01/18/12 New York
Rhapsody at 10 Years: Surviving Long Enough to Face a Herd of New Competitors 11/30/11 Seattle
TouchTunes Rakes in $45M, Plans Expansion 08/18/11 New York
Radio Without Radios, Books Without Bookstores: Welcome to the Era of Unbound Media 08/05/11 National
Behind Pandora, There’s Walden Venture Capital—A Little-Known “Sprout Stage” Investor with Music Mania 06/15/11 San Francisco
Who Owns the Relationship with Digital Subscribers—Publishers, or Apple? 06/13/11 San Francisco
Pandora Sets IPO Terms 06/03/11 San Francisco
Seattle Goes Hollywood: Four Startups Aiming to Help Studios, Celebs Embrace the Digital Age 05/25/11 Seattle
LinkedIn, Eventbrite, Optimizely, Garageband: The 1-Minute Version of Last Week’s Bay Area BizTech News 05/23/11 San Francisco
Garageband on the iPad Makes Amateur Musicians into Artists 05/20/11 National
TuneUp Media Moves Beyond Music Cleanup Into Sharing and Information Discovery 04/12/11 San Francisco
Report: MOD Systems Furloughs 04/08/11 Seattle
Allen vs. Gates and Ballmer, Amazon Takes on Apple, Intellectual Ventures Whips Up a Market, & More in the Seattle-Area Tech Roundup 04/05/11 Seattle
Amazon, Challenging Apple Head-On, Makes Move Into Cloud-Based Music Service 03/29/11 Seattle
RealNetworks CEO Bob Kimball Out, Presided Over Big Changes 03/28/11 Seattle
MOD Systems co-founder Convicted of Fraud, Money Laundering in Federal Court 03/02/11 Seattle
TuneUp Adds $2M to C Round 02/17/11 San Francisco
Pandora IPO Filing is Music to Investors’ Ears 02/11/11 San Francisco
Harmonix Lays Off 12-15 Percent of Staff 02/08/11 Boston
SplinkMedia Platform Eyes Sponsorship Deals for Indie Artists 01/19/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
LiveWire Gets FoneStarz 12/17/10 Boston
Streaming Music for Apple iTunes Users, Courtesy of mSpot 12/15/10 San Francisco
Harmonix, Put on the Block by Viacom, Looks for Better Owner—But Who Might That Be? 11/22/10 Boston
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