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Entry Author Date Location
EMC: Before Acquiring, Check the Wiring 03/21/08 Boston
EMC Creates Cloud Computing Division, Hires Former Microsoft Exec to Lead It; Oh, They Bought His Startup, Too 02/21/08 Boston
EMC Gets Serious About Software-as-a-Service—Forms New Business Unit and Launches Enterprise Version of Mozy Online Backup 01/22/08 Boston
EMC, Cubist, and Others Do Some Last-Minute Shopping, Dyax Readies for an Offering, Millennium Sees a Payday, and More 01/02/08 Boston
Akamai CEO Paul Sagan to Join EMC Board and Help With Mergers and Acquisitions 12/20/07 Boston
Why EMC Bought Mozy, Part 2: The Consumer As Enterprise 11/27/07 Boston
Why EMC Bought Mozy: A Leading Exec Provides More Insight 10/17/07 Boston
EMC Confirms Its Rumored Acquisition of Mozy, Will Keep Consumer Backup Service 10/04/07 Boston
Carbonite CEO Feeling Rosy about EMC Reportedly Buying Mozy 09/25/07 Boston
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