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Entry Author Date Location
Baird Capital Raises $185M for 4th VC Fund, Beating Target 11/18/14 Wisconsin
Roundup: New A&M Center, Funds for Ortho Kinematics, Encore Vision 09/19/14 Texas
Non-Compete Agreements: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly 08/14/14 National
Drive Capital, Led By Sequoia Vets, Sees Midwest as Next Startup Hub 07/07/14 Wisconsin
3 Takeaways From Wisconsin’s Recent Burst of VC Deals 06/10/14 Wisconsin
Kauffman Study: Weaker Entrepreneurship Spells Stronger Job Market 04/09/14 Wisconsin
JCI Sells Rest of Auto Electronics Unit to Visteon for $265M 01/13/14 Wisconsin
Wisconsin a Land of Innovators, Not Just Cheeseheads 12/16/13 Wisconsin
Dan Shapiro Builds a Board Game to Teach 3-Year-Olds Programming 09/03/13 Seattle
MI Social Entrepreneurship Competition Offers $50K in Prizes 02/04/13 Detroit
Hope in Detroit: An Outsider on Motown’s Entrepreneurial Renaissance 12/18/12 Detroit
A123 Files for Bankruptcy, Sells Off Auto Business 10/16/12 Boston
Ingenuitas Puts Open-Source Software to Work in Manufacturing 12/06/11 Detroit
My Farewell Present: Six Observations About Michigan’s Innovation Economy 07/25/11 Detroit
If Michigan Were a Stock, I’d Buy a Bunch of Options 04/06/11 Detroit
Get Set for Michigan 2031: Xconomy’s First Detroit Event to Examine State’s Innovation Landscape 20 Years Ahead 02/24/11 Detroit
Google to Michigan: Help Wanted 01/27/11 Detroit
Coffee, Spam, and What the Web Is Doing to Our Minds, From Mimecast’s Nathaniel Borenstein 01/24/11 Boston
Wind Power Holdings, With Big Michigan Footprint, Raises $12.7M 01/10/11 Boston
Notes from the Opening of A123Systems’ Michigan Manufacturing Plant 09/15/10 Boston
Michigan’s Renaissance “Fund of Funds” Closes at Nearly $50M, Ready to Make Connections Between VCs and Entrepreneurs 09/07/10 Detroit
Tektronix Acquires Arbor Networks 08/09/10 Boston
World Wide Wade Goes West—Episode IV: Torch Lake, MI 07/01/10 National
World Wide Wade Goes West—Episode III, Who’s Wade? 06/30/10 National
Let’s Abandon the Industrial-Decay Porn and Take a Closer Look at What’s Growing in Detroit 06/04/10 National
Google Touts Its Role, State by State, in U.S. Economic Growth 05/25/10 Boston
Michigan as the Distribution and Logistics Hub of the Midwest 05/12/10 Detroit
A Tolstoyvian Perspective on Revitalizing Michigan’s Economy—Or “It’s the Customer, Stupid” 05/10/10 Detroit
Collaborate, Connect, and Celebrate 05/07/10 Detroit
The Building Blocks of Innovation: Part 2 of Our Q&A with David Egner of the New Economy Initiative 05/03/10 Detroit
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