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Entry Author Date Location
Skyhook Scores Sony Deal 03/03/11 Boston
Seven Questions That Will Decide Mobile’s Future-Part Two 02/25/11 National
Gearing Up for Mobile Madness on March 9: Top Themes to Watch 02/24/11 Boston
Boston’s Quiet Startups About to Make Noise: Take the Interview, Open Mile, Locately, and More 02/17/11 Boston
Skyhook Signs Up Intel, Citysearch 02/15/11 Boston
Mok Oh, Founder of EveryScape, Joins Where in New Innovation Role 02/15/11 Boston
Loc-Aid Locates $13M 02/04/11 San Francisco
EveryTrail Thumbs A Ride From TripAdvisor, As Internet Travel Business Consolidates 02/03/11 Boston
Strava Gets $3.5M for Cycling Tool 01/13/11 San Francisco
Where Wins Patent for Geofencing: Location-Based Companies, Take Notice 12/22/10 Boston
Foursquare Expands in SF 11/23/10 San Francisco
Boston Robotics Firms, While Making Big Strides, Could Lose Their Edge to Google and the Valley, Experts Say 11/01/10 Boston
Truste, Citing Location Privacy Worries, Expands Certification Program to the Mobile World 09/27/10 San Francisco
Boston Vs. Silicon Valley: Lawsuits Filed Against Adobe, Google, PacBio (Who’s Next?) 09/21/10 Boston
Motorola Buys Aloqa 09/20/10 San Francisco
Do You Know Where Your Child (or Husband or Girlfriend) Is? Whereoscope Can Tell You 09/20/10 San Francisco
Skyhook, Fighting for Its Life in Suit Against Google, Cries Foul: “Call in the Referees and Review the Tape” 09/16/10 Boston
Why Is This Man Smiling? SCVNGR Integrates with Facebook Places, Rolls Out Rewards Partnerships 08/27/10 Boston
Facebook Catches Hot Potato 08/20/10 San Francisco
Skyhook Wireless Digs In, Touts Location Patents After Apple Drops Technology From iPhone 08/04/10 Boston
Boston’s Skyhook Will Map Tweets, Check-ins at San Francisco Marathon 07/23/10 San Francisco
Going Geo-Loco: Lessons on the Mad Scramble to Exploit Location Data 07/22/10 San Francisco
Putting My iPad’s Geocaching App to the Test, on a Vlog in the Woods 05/21/10 National
Motorola to Put Skyhook’s Location Technology into Android Phones, Bypassing Google 04/27/10 Boston
Central Square’s Barron Building Emerges as Startup Hub 04/27/10 Boston
Mobile Meets the Marathon 04/19/10 Boston
Nokia Buys Metacarta 04/09/10 Boston
Foursquare Is No Fad, Argues Founder Dennis Crowley; Xconomy’s Podcast and Q&A 04/07/10 Boston
ULocate is Where, Now? Exactly 03/18/10 Boston
ULocate’s Where Is That Rare Beast: A Location-Based Mobile Platform Earning Real Money 12/16/09 Boston
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