“kapor-capital” Archives

Entry Author Date Location
Managed by Q Receives $25,000,000 New Round 04/01/16 New York
Constant Therapy Receives $2,000,000 Series A Financing Round 03/11/16 Boston
Velano Vascular Lands $3,500,000 Series A Financing Round 02/08/16 San Francisco
From California to New York, Fintech Finds Loans for Almost Anyone 01/20/16 National
LendUp Secures $150,000,000 Series B Funding Round 01/20/16 San Francisco
Jopwell Receives $3,250,000 Seed Funding 01/20/16 New York
Cleanify Garners $1,800,000 Seed Financing 11/18/15 San Francisco
Unitive Receives $7,500,000 Series A Round 11/16/15 Raleigh Durham
BeneStream Garners $6,260,000 Series A Round 09/29/15 New York
FDA Clears 2 New Propeller Health Devices That Track Respiratory Meds 07/22/15 Wisconsin
EdCast Recruits Experts to Lead Informal Video Learning Channels 06/10/15 San Francisco
Edtech Companies Weigh In On Obama’s Free Community College Plan 02/23/15 San Francisco
Startups Still Abandon Wisconsin, But Growing Cluster Keeping More Here 08/04/14 Wisconsin
Love With Food CEO: Investors Finally Over Webvan 06/10/14 San Francisco
SoundFocus Lands $1,700,000 New Funding 02/20/14 San Francisco
Visually Receives $8,100,000 New Financing Round 01/14/14 San Francisco
SoundFocus Garners $1,176,000 New Financing 10/22/13 San Francisco
SoundFocus Garners $1,176,000 New Round 10/22/13 San Francisco
Newsela Garners $1,200,000 Seed Funding 10/10/13 New York
Good Eggs Obtains $8,500,000 Series A Funding 10/04/13 San Francisco
SendHub Lands $3,000,000 Series A Funding Round 09/04/13 San Francisco
Modria Obtains $5,000,000 Series A Funding Round 07/08/13 San Francisco
Engrade Secures $5,000,000 Series B Funding Round 07/03/13 San Diego
InternMatch Receives $4,000,000 Series A Financing Round 06/11/13 San Francisco
Omada Health Garners $4,700,000 Series A Financing Round 03/21/13 San Francisco
LUXr Receives $600,000 Seed Round 01/23/13 San Francisco
InternMatch Garners $1,200,000 New Funding Round 01/16/13 San Francisco
ClassDojo Receives $1,600,000 Seed Financing 08/16/12 San Francisco
HealthLoop Obtains Seed Round 08/15/12 San Francisco
Asana Secures $28,000,000 Series B Funding 07/23/12 San Francisco
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