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SG Biofuels Raises $17M in Move Toward Agricultural Production 01/17/12 San Diego
SG Biofuels Plans Jatropha Initiative in India 08/09/11 San Diego
SG Biofuels Gets $9.4M to Develop Jatropha, Motorola Spinout Could Land in San Diego, Startup Grid2Home Emerges Here, & More San Diego BizTech News 09/20/10 San Diego
SG Biofuels Raises $9.4M 09/14/10 San Diego
SG Biofuels and Life Technologies Map Whole Genome of Jatropha Plant 08/24/10 San Diego
Angels Launch New Seed Capital Fund, DoCoMo Acquires PacketVideo, St. Bernard Gets Red Condor, & More San Diego BizTech News 08/09/10 San Diego
SG Biofuels Building Greenhouse Here 08/05/10 San Diego
Anadys Hep C Drug Shows Promise, Synthetic Genomics Recruits Illumina Exec, ProActa Gets Funds, & More San Diego Life Sciences News 02/25/10 San Diego
San Diego’s SG Biofuels Announces Strategic Alliance with Life Technologies 01/12/10 San Diego
SG Biofuels, Emerging From Stealth, Aims to Make Biodiesel From Hardy Shrub 02/02/09 San Diego
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