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Amgen Gets FDA Approval, SonoSite’s New Frontier, Craig Venter’s Enabler, & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 06/03/10 Seattle
Life Tech Bets $10M on Synthetic Genomics 06/02/10 San Diego
Craig Venter’s Enabler, Seattle’s Blue Heron, Grows With Synthetic Genes Made to Order 05/27/10 Seattle
Hood Wins $100k Kistler Prize 05/06/10 Seattle
Synthetic Genomics Recruits Illumina Exec 02/23/10 San Diego
Excel Venture Management, Starting With Clean Slate, Shows Early Returns on Broad Vision 01/13/10 Boston
TEDMED Sessions Seek the Patterns in Health Care and Life Sciences That Hold Ideas Together 10/28/09 San Diego
Algae Biofuels Skeptics Emphasize Need for Realistic Outlook and Business Discipline 10/14/09 San Diego
‘Restraint’ an Unspoken Watchword of Algae Biomass Sessions 10/08/09 San Diego
J. Craig Venter Cancels Algae Summit Keynote for White House Ceremony 10/05/09 San Diego
All Green on the Western Front: San Diego Algae Pioneers Provide Glimpse of the Future of Biofuels 08/27/09 San Diego
Synthetic Genomics Gets Big Oil Funding for Algae Biofuel, Qualcomm May Pull Plug on LifeComm, Aculon’s Nanocoating Replaces Toxic Chromium, & More San Diego BizTech News 07/20/09 San Diego
Synthetic Genomics to Build Algae Biofuels Facility in San Diego 07/14/09 San Diego
ExxonMobil Makes $600 Million Bet on Biofuels—And Synthetic Genomics 07/14/09 San Diego
Excel Venture Unveils $125M Fund to Make Life Sciences Ideas Cross Over to IT, Energy 07/07/09 Boston
J. Craig Venter Gets Some Federal Stimulus Funding, Out-of-Town VCs Get Better Results, Third Automaker Parks Downtown & Other San Diego BizTech News 06/29/09 San Diego
Display Technology That Shines Like Butterfly Wings, Venture Capital Resets Business, Promising Start-Ups Recognized, & More San Diego BizTech News 06/08/09 San Diego
Craig Venter Has Algae Biofuel in Synthetic Genomics’ Pipeline 06/04/09 San Diego
Wireless Medicine Gets $45M Booster Shot, Arena’s Weight-Loss Trial Underwhelms Wall Street, Venter’s Synthetic Genomics About to Ramp Up, & Other San Diego BizTech News 04/06/09 San Diego
Venter Outlines Progress in Engineering Microbes to Make Fuels 04/03/09 San Diego
San Diego Seeks to Remedy Scarcity of Homegrown Venture Capital 04/02/09 San Diego
In Latest Expedition, J. Craig Venter Partners With Life Technologies 03/19/09 San Diego
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