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Entry Author Date Location
OEN Names 12 Companies for Forum 10/07/09 Seattle
Royalty-Based Venture Financing, Born in Boston, Could Shake Up VCs and Startups from New England to the Northwest 10/07/09 Seattle
Getty Images Invests $4M in Daylife, Report Says 09/16/09 Seattle
Investment in Washington Startups Totaled $25M (or $51.4M, Depending on How You Count) in August 09/09/09 Seattle
Microvision Gets $15M Investment 06/22/09 Seattle
Amazon Invests in Foodista 05/07/09 Seattle
WTIA Releases Fast Pitch Lineup 05/04/09 Seattle
Currensee: A Support Network for Traders Risking their Personal Fortunes on the Foreign Exchange Market 04/30/09 Boston
Venture Funds Did Badly in 2008—But Maybe Not That Badly 04/27/09 National
Boston-area Mobile Investments Spike to $215 Million in First Quarter 04/24/09 Boston
Pop Goes the (Venture) Weasel… 04/22/09 Boston
U.S. Venture Funding Plummets (Yada Yada), But New England Less So—Region’s Top 10 Deals of Q1 04/20/09 Boston
Arzeda Scores VC, Intellectual Ventures Teams with Telcordia, Twilio Gets Founders Funding, & More Seattle-Area Deals News 03/03/09 Seattle
Intellectual Ventures, Telcordia Team Up 02/25/09 Seattle
Billionaire Lifestyles: Checking In With Paul Allen and Charles Simonyi 02/19/09 Seattle
Announcing Xconomy’s Forum on March 26: The Rise of Cleantech in the Northwest 02/17/09 Seattle
How to Get Funded in the Recession: The Frugal Mechanic Story 02/12/09 Seattle
Frugal Mechanic Backed by Founder’s Co-op 02/11/09 Seattle
Elemental, In-Q-Tel Ink Deal 02/02/09 Seattle
Maveron Funds 01/26/09 Seattle
Northwest Venture Deals Down in Fourth Quarter of 2008—But Still a Few Good Ones 01/20/09 Seattle
Zoodango Relaunches, Ditching Social Networking for Location-Based Meeting Up 01/14/09 Seattle
Mobui Gets Teletouch Investment 01/13/09 Seattle
Microsoft Wins Over Verizon, DTS Buys Neural Audio, ZymoGenetics Scores with Bristol-Myers, & More Seattle-Area Deals News 01/13/09 Seattle
Microsoft Leads $24M Investment in N-trig’s Pen and Touch Interface 01/12/09 Seattle
Is Failure a Black Mark for Seattle Innovators? Insights from Erik Benson of Voyager Capital 01/07/09 Seattle
Got $10M? Seattle Chapter of Tiger 21 May Be For You (Part 2) 12/15/08 Seattle
Ontier Lands Investment, Board Members 12/09/08 Seattle
Microsoft and EMC Get Secure, PATH Puts $3M Into Bird Flu, Amazon Closes Book on Abe, & More Seattle-Area Deals News 12/09/08 Seattle
Big Fish Swims Against Current, Looks To Make New Hires—and Not Only for Games 12/08/08 Seattle
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