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Entry Author Date Location
Life Technologies’ Recent Deals Reflect $100M Initiative in Synthetic Biology 10/01/10 San Diego
SG Biofuels and Life Technologies Map Whole Genome of Jatropha Plant 08/24/10 San Diego
New Machine From San Diego’s Illumina Intensifies Race for Faster, Cheaper Genome Decoder 01/14/10 San Diego
Enigma Names Top U.S. Execs 11/25/09 San Diego
Biotech Meets Cleantech: GenVault Aims to Deep Six the Laboratory Deep Freeze 11/18/09 San Diego
Life Technologies Acquiring BioTrove 11/10/09 San Diego
Illumina Sues Affymetrix for Patent Infringement of Genetic Analysis Technology 05/05/09 San Diego
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