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Entry Author Date Location
GM Recieves $10M Credit For IT Center 05/17/11 Detroit
What Ever Happened To Michigan High Tech IPOs? 05/12/11 Detroit
MIT Tech Review Lauds Sakti3′s Next Generation Battery Technology 04/20/11 Detroit
Should You Drink the Social Kool-Aid? 03/28/11 Seattle
Innovation Has Deep Roots That Require Constant Tending 03/16/11 Boston
Xconomy Editor Successfully Avoids Wrecking Electric Car. Entire World Rejoices. 03/15/11 Detroit
Facebook Buys Sun Campus 02/08/11 San Francisco
GM Leads $17M Envia Round 01/26/11 San Francisco
EcoMotors Founder Peter Hofbauer Says Company Is Inking Customer Deals, Eyeing Production Facility in Michigan for Its “Opoc” Engine 01/24/11 Detroit
GM Ventures Invests $5M in Powermat, Gets Exclusive Right to Wireless Chargers for Year 01/07/11 Detroit
GM Ventures Aims to Ensure Parent’s Future By Investing in the Best Automotive Startups: Q&A With President Jon Lauckner 12/02/10 Detroit
Test Driving the Future of General Motors: My Experience Behind the Wheel of the Chevy Volt 10/13/10 Seattle
Google Sued by Skyhook, Big Funding Rounds for Crowdsourcers Get Satisfaction and uTest, & More Bay Area BizTech News 09/20/10 San Francisco
What We Can Learn from the Flight of Microsoft Execs to Amazon, AOL, GM, Nokia, Yahoo…and Micro VC 09/16/10 National
GM Updates OnStar Brand for the Era of Mobile, Social Media 09/15/10 Detroit
Notes from the Opening of A123Systems’ Michigan Manufacturing Plant 09/15/10 Boston
GM Invests In Bright IDEA 08/03/10 Detroit
AutoVenture Forum to Play Matchmaker Between Promising Tech Companies and Big Automakers, Suppliers 07/06/10 Detroit
SF and Silicon Valley: Drop the Incrementalism and Invest in True Innovation 06/21/10 San Francisco
Own a Volt, Get a Jolt With Free Chargers From GM and the Feds 06/17/10 Detroit
Three Ways to Create a More Sustainable Future for Biotechnology 06/16/10 San Francisco
GM, Ford Announce Plans To Beam Google Maps Directions Directly To Autos 06/08/10 Detroit
General Motors Launches VC Subsidiary to Develop New Automotive Technologies 06/04/10 Detroit
Mascoma’s Plan for Ethanol Plant in Michigan Likely Delayed, CEO Says 05/24/10 Boston
Delphi, OnStar Work With Google and Others to Connect Your Smart Phone to Your Car 05/21/10 Detroit
Raised in a General Motors Family, Jason Forcier Driving Growing Auto Battery Biz for A123 Systems 05/04/10 Detroit
Total Joins GM, Advanced Technology Ventures In Funding Biofuels Developer Coskata 04/28/10 Detroit
Mascoma Collects $3.4M in Debt Round 04/23/10 Boston
Delphi Eager to Leave Bankruptcy Behind, Build Connections to Auto Industry’s Future 04/22/10 Detroit
Compact Power to Build Li-ion Plant 03/20/10 Detroit
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