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Entry Author Date Location
Goldman Sachs, BofA Back Context Relevant, Use Its Analytics Tools 09/25/14 Seattle
Wellframe Wins $8.5M to Improve Healthcare Apps for Patients, Doctors 09/08/14 Boston
With Banks, Insurers Knocking, Context Relevant Lands $21M to Answer 05/20/14 Seattle
Radius Obtains $13,000,000 New Round 01/09/14 San Francisco
Oculus VR Lands $75,000,000 Series B Financing 12/13/13 San Diego
UtiliData Obtains $20,500,000 Series B Funding Round 12/10/13 Boston
Kidaptive Garners $10,100,000 Series B Round 11/15/13 San Francisco
Building Robotics Secures $1,140,000 Seed Financing 11/08/13 San Francisco
Grabit Lands Series A Financing 10/09/13 San Francisco
Illumio Garners $34,000,000 Series B Financing Round 09/18/13 San Francisco
Shmoop Obtains New Round 09/17/13 San Francisco
RealScout Obtains $1,100,000 Seed Financing 08/24/13 San Francisco
OpenGov Lands $4,000,000 Series B Funding Round 07/04/13 San Francisco
Oculus VR Secures $16,000,000 Series A Financing Round 06/18/13 San Diego
Simpler Lands $1,250,000 New Financing 03/27/13 San Francisco
Revinate Lands $14,500,000 Series A Funding Round 07/26/12 San Francisco
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