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Entry Author Date Location
Bob Johnston Talks Less Adtech, More Diversity for NY Investments 10/10/14 New York
Circle’s Bitcoin Service is Free—But Someone’s Gotta Pay 10/01/14 Boston
Austin Identity Management Software Maker SailPoint Sets New Course 08/18/14 Texas
Texas Roundup: New Funds for Phunware, FTL Global; Kudos to Rice 06/25/14 Texas
Q2’s Software Helps Community Banks Digitize Customer Operations 06/20/14 Texas
With Banks, Insurers Knocking, Context Relevant Lands $21M to Answer 05/20/14 Seattle
Big Data Analytics and Cloud Computing Brought FinTech Jobs to NY 04/01/14 New York
Global Analytics Buys, Plans “Disruptive” Entry in U.S. 03/25/14 San Diego
Fintech Startup Quovo, Led by Harvard Grads, Expands Into MA 02/24/14 New York
New Online Services Put You Back in Command of Your 401(k) 01/03/14 National
Techstars’ David Cohen Talks Fintech, Managing Directors, and Growth 12/12/13 Boulder/Denver
Financial Apps Will Make People Smarter and More Open About Money 12/02/13 San Francisco
Kapitall Puts Up Cash Prize to Get the Young Dabbling in Virtual Stocks 10/17/13 New York
Simplee Demystifies Medical Billing for Hospitals and Consumers 09/03/13 San Francisco
An Accelerator with No Publicity or Demo Day?! That’s Just Crazy Talk! 08/29/13 New York
No Easy Climb as EquaMetrics Looks to Disrupt Trading and FinTech 07/24/13 New York
Roundup: Funding for Minetta Brook, Yapta, Viableware, Sparq 07/23/13 Seattle
Betterment, Scivantage Fight to Bring Innovation to Wall Street 06/14/13 New York
Study: New York Must Reel in More Fresh Minds in Tech Talent Crunch 03/26/13 New York
FinTech Startup Weekend Pushes for Innovations That Work with Money 12/12/12 New York
Visible Market Catches Wall Street’s Eye With Stock-Tracking App 08/09/12 New York
TrueOffice Turns Boring Corporate Training Into a Game 07/30/12 New York
From Big Data to Games: NYC Startups Pitch FinTech Innovations 07/18/12 New York
Lenddo Grabs $8M, Expands Microloan Model to Asia and Latin America 05/15/12 New York
Core Innovation Capital’s $45M Fund Seeks Tech for the “Underbanked” 04/10/12 New York
Zipmark Grabs $2M to Develop Mobile Payment System 12/13/11 New York
New York City Investment Fund Supports Biotech, Cleantech, and Now “Fintech” Startups 05/09/11 New York
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