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Entry Author Date Location
Full Harvest Raises $2M to Make Ugly Fruit and Veggies Valuable 04/12/17 San Francisco
Pipe Leak Detection System Employs Machine Learning to Limit Errors 04/07/17 Texas
Panel: Big Data Can Be ‘Democratized’ For The Masses 02/14/17 Wisconsin
Natural Pesticides Maker Marrone Bio Gets EPA Nod on Biofumigant 11/28/16 San Francisco
Agtech Startup Crop Enhancement Reaps $8.5M for Plant Coating Tech 09/13/16 Boston
Analysis: With a Tight Smile, Trump Details Economic Plan in Detroit 08/08/16 Detroit Ann Arbor
Magnomics Mastitis Diagnostic Lands Prize, Finds Potential NC Partner 05/23/16 Raleigh Durham
Seattle Roundup: Carena Funding, Avalara Acquisition, Alaska Biofuel 06/05/15 Seattle
Detroit Encore Entrepreneurs Blaze New Trail With LithFire-X 02/03/14 Detroit Ann Arbor
Microbe Detectives Brings DNA Sequencing to Water 01/02/14 Wisconsin
EPA Expands Innovative Compound-Testing Collaboration With BioSeek 02/15/12 Detroit Ann Arbor
CeeTox Wins $25.9M Contract From EPA 08/16/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
Genomatica Gets EPA Green Chemistry Award 06/20/11 San Diego
Cleantech Startup Vestaron Raises $445,000 in Series B Financing 05/31/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
Xconomy Editor Successfully Avoids Wrecking Electric Car. Entire World Rejoices. 03/15/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
Cray Inks $25M DofD Grant, G5 Nabs $15M, Google Acquires Jambool, & More Seattle Area Deals New 08/17/10 Seattle
Calico Energy Emerges in Energy Management World, Partners with EPA 08/13/10 Seattle
PhyloTech, Corey Goodman’s First Environmental Health Startup, Raises $1.2M in Seed Capital 07/06/10 San Francisco
LS9 Gets Presidential Award 06/21/10 San Francisco
Brighter Planet, Founded in Vermont, Sees Brighter Future in Bay Area 04/06/10 Boston
Halosource Nails Down $10M for Global Expansion of Water Purifying Technology 01/06/10 Seattle
Seacoast Science Avoids VCs, Finds Other Money to Develop Tiny Chemical Sensors 12/22/09 San Diego
Dancing in the Light: Expanding Access to Human Embryonic Stem Cells 03/10/09 National
The Washington Cleantech Cluster: The A-to-Z List of Alternative Energy Players 03/03/09 Seattle
Daily TIPs: Spin Detector, Science Advice, Designer Pigs, & More 09/18/08 National
Daily TIPs: Mercury Wipe-Up, Faster Files, Sneaky Licenses, & More 08/22/08 National
Daily TIPs: GENI Grant, Facebook for Nerds, Hacker Trial, & More 07/31/08 National
Daily TIPs: Will Wi-Fi Rule?, Blogging from the Top, Nanotech Safety, & More 07/30/08 National
Daily TIPs: Hydrogen an Airy Dream, Is Al Gore Nuts?, Google Bad for Science, & More 07/18/08 National
Daily TIPs, Cyber-Sopranos, Republican Spiders, Broadband Goes Nuclear, & More 07/16/08 National
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