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No Joke, New York Tech Meetup Matures with Techstars NYC, ERA Alumni 06/12/15 New York
ERA Demo Day and Growing Signs of New York’s Startup Hub Maturity 04/29/15 New York
Admetsys Wins Top Prize at SXSW Hatch Pitch, Astroprint and Plum Follow 03/16/15 Texas
Math Toy Tiggly Counts Emerges, Demos at New York Tech Meetup 11/05/14 New York
Dublin’s Startup Commish Brings Lesson in Buzz From NYC 11/03/14 National
App Judges Relationships, Green Beret Tackles Trucking at ERA Demo Day 10/01/14 New York
First Class of Startups Chosen for New York Fashion Tech Lab 05/05/14 New York
Data, Dinner Parties, and . . . a Monkey Take Over ERA Demo Day 04/30/14 New York
Farmivore Receives $40,000 Seed Round 01/06/14 Boston
Dashride Obtains $40,000 Seed Funding 01/06/14 Boston
Franchise Fund Secures $40,000 Seed Funding Round 01/06/14 San Diego
RetSKU Obtains $40,000 Seed Round 01/06/14 New York
Shopalytic Garners $40,000 Seed Funding Round 01/06/14 New York
LingoLive Garners $40,000 Seed Round 01/06/14 New York
Mezzobit Receives $40,000 Seed Funding Round 01/06/14 New York
Bookalokal Lands $40,000 Seed Funding Round 01/06/14 New York
JOBS Act Fallout: Do New Rules Mean Don’t Talk Money on Demo Day? 10/15/13 New York
CardFlight Lands $1,600,000 Seed Funding Round 10/03/13 New York
Reselling Tractors & Guiding High Schoolers: Report From ERA Demo Day 09/26/13 New York
A Night at Union Square Ventures: NYU-Poly Talks Up Incubator Success 07/29/13 New York
Machinio Obtains $40,000 Seed Financing Round 06/03/13 San Francisco
ClosetDash Receives $40,000 Seed Round 06/03/13 New York
Metropolist Secures $40,000 Seed Financing Round 06/03/13 New York
Tapactive Obtains $40,000 Seed Funding Round 06/03/13 New York
Piiku Obtains $40,000 Seed Financing 06/03/13 New York
Agolo Secures $40,000 Seed Financing 06/03/13 New York Obtains $40,000 Seed Financing 06/03/13 New York
Gigzolo Secures $40,000 Seed Funding 06/03/13 New York
Analytics Woven Into Fashion Among the Ideas at ERA Demo Day 04/29/13 New York
Aquaintable Garners $40,000 Seed Funding 04/26/13 New York
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