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Austin’s Yan Engines Raises $700K, Revs Up for UK Subsidiary 08/26/15 Texas
A Shortcut in Engine Design: Specialized Software Models Soot Formation 11/17/11 San Diego
Achates Power Cites “Huge” Improvement in Diesel Fuel Savings, Emissions 11/01/11 San Diego
Pinnacle Looks Beyond Detroit as the Market for Its Opposed-Piston Engine 10/04/11 San Francisco
EcoMotors, With Navistar as a Customer, Pushes Forward With New Engine 04/07/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
LiquidPiston Soaks Up $5M 01/26/11 Boston
EcoMotors Founder Peter Hofbauer Says Company Is Inking Customer Deals, Eyeing Production Facility in Michigan for Its “Opoc” Engine 01/24/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
Surprises of 2010 and What to Look for in 2011 01/10/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
Khosla, Gates Are Betting On EcoMotors’ Engine Technology to Transform Autos Into Cleaner, Cheaper, and More Powerful Machines 11/01/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
Engine Developer Raises $20M 01/20/09 Boston
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