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Entry Author Date Location
Cutting Through the Hype, Searching for Cleantech’s Trillion-Dollar Potential 12/13/10 Seattle
Ember, Rising to Profitability, Wants to Network the Smart Grid—and Home Security Systems 12/01/10 Boston
GREENtrepreneurs: The Challenge & The Opportunity (Part 2) 11/15/10 Seattle
Cap-and-Trade May Be Wounded, But The Low Carbon Economy is Still Healthy 11/05/10 Seattle
In Cleantech, Who’s Looking for Money, Who’s Hiring, and What’s the Role of Government Financing? Find Out at Clean Energy Conference 11/02/10 Boston
The Northwest Cleantech Cluster: The A-to-Z List of Energy Efficiency Players 10/26/10 Seattle
With Boston Pilot Project, Next Step Living Aims to Show Energy Efficiency Retrofits Aren’t Only for the Wealthy 10/21/10 Boston
EnergySavvy Finds Unexpected Support from Governments Looking to Spur Retrofits 10/14/10 Seattle
Optimum Energy Raises $1.2M More 10/07/10 Seattle
NW Cleantech Open Names Nanocel, Puralytics, and Arcimoto as Finalists 10/05/10 Seattle
Fifteen Green Companies Compete For Finalist Slots at the Cleantech Open Today 10/04/10 Seattle
Buildings that Act Like Guinea Pigs for Energy Efficiency: The Puget Sound Regional Council Plan for Green Jobs 09/02/10 Seattle
Ameresco Acquires Quantum 08/27/10 Boston
American Superconductor, Going Deeper Into Wind Power, Makes Moves in India and U.K. 08/24/10 Boston
Calico Energy Emerges in Energy Management World, Partners with EPA 08/13/10 Seattle
McKinstry Innovation Center Cozies into Position as Cleantech ‘Accelerator’, Director Elsa Croonquist On What’s Next 08/11/10 Seattle
Viridity Raises $8M More, Looks to Make Data Centers More Energy Efficient by Tracking Each IT Component 08/05/10 Boston
Smart Spending on Energy Efficiency is the Key to Creating Construction Jobs 07/22/10 San Francisco
Northwest Energy Angels Summer Showcase Draws 11 Startups Determined to Make a Greener World 07/22/10 Seattle
Second Wind, Looking to Boost Wind Farm Productivity, Logs Millionth Hour of Data Captured on Which Way the Wind Blows 07/01/10 Boston
Fallbrook Moves Ahead With Chinese Bus Deal 06/21/10 San Diego
Three University Teams Get Early Stage Funding 06/15/10 San Diego
Smart Grid Innovations in Energy and Analytics Take Root in San Diego—Previewing Xconomy’s Smart Energy Event 06/07/10 San Diego
My Journey from Microsoft to the Cleantech Industry 06/04/10 Seattle
How to Make Money from Saving Energy: Tales of Innovation at the SDG&E Energy Showcase 05/20/10 San Diego
McKinstry Buys Itron Software Group 04/27/10 Seattle
Verdiem, Cisco Team Up to Help Companies Lower Their Energy Bill for Networked Devices 04/27/10 Seattle
UW’s O’Donnell Leads National Summit to “Sexify” Engineering, Inspire Students, Entrepreneurs, VCs 04/26/10 Seattle
Refined Innovation: A New Approach to Investing 04/22/10 Seattle
UW Prof Shwetak Patel’s Energy Startup, Zensi, Bought by Belkin 04/21/10 Seattle
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