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ZenPayroll CEO: It’s Not the Money ($60M), It’s the Investor (Google) 04/07/15 San Francisco
Chamber Hopes Pitches Could Boost Silicon Valley-Madison VC Deals 07/02/14 Wisconsin
Augmedix Garners $3,200,000 New Financing Round 03/19/14 San Francisco
In Like a Lion: Techstars Alum DigitalOcean Leads March in NY Funding 03/12/14 New York
Lotame Receives $15,000,000 Series D Round 03/05/14 New York
ServiceMax Garners $71,000,000 Series E Round 03/04/14 San Francisco
Intacct Lands $45,000,000 New Funding Round 02/18/14 San Francisco
Intacct Secures $45,000,000 New Funding 02/18/14 San Francisco
WellTok Lands $22,100,000 Series C Round 02/12/14 Boulder/Denver
CoTap Secures $2,000,000 Series A Financing 01/28/14 San Francisco
Hightail Obtains $34,000,000 New Financing 11/19/13 San Francisco Secures $38,000,000 New Round 11/12/13 San Francisco
Insightly Obtains $10,000,000 Series B Financing Round 09/13/13 San Francisco
Intelligent Imaging Systems Receives $7,500,000 Series A Funding 08/23/13 San Francisco
InsideView Secures $19,000,000 New Funding Round 08/12/13 San Francisco
Replicon Lands $20,000,000 Series A Round 06/29/13 San Francisco
Civitas Learning Garners $8,750,000 New Financing Round 06/25/13 Texas
Zettics Secures $8,200,000 New Funding 06/24/13 Boston
CoTap Obtains $5,500,000 Series A Funding 05/29/13 San Francisco
WellTok Obtains Series B Round 04/10/13 Boulder/Denver
JanRain Obtains $33,000,000 New Funding 01/14/13 Seattle
ServiceMax Lands $27,000,000 Series D Financing Round 11/07/12 San Francisco
Insightly Garners $3,000,000 New Financing Round 10/03/12 San Francisco
Saban Brands Adds San Diego’s Zui to its Kid Entertainment Holdings 09/19/12 San Diego
Doximity Obtains $17,000,000 Series B Financing 09/05/12 San Francisco
Donuts Secures $100,000,000 Series A Funding 06/06/12 Seattle
The Billion-Dollar App: How Apple Propelled Instagram to Success 04/10/12 San Francisco
Yammer Receives $85,000,000 Series E Financing Round 02/29/12 San Francisco
PivotLink Obtains $13,000,000 Series D Funding Round 01/17/12 Seattle
Lithium Technologies Garners $53,400,000 New Round 01/05/12 San Francisco
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