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Entry Author Date Location
Lockerz’s Latest $30M Haul Easily Tops April’s List of Washington State Equity Deals 05/16/11 Seattle
Palantir Sees $50M 05/09/11 San Francisco
Smartphone Robots, Insect-Wing Wind Power, Online Video Game Tourneys & More Notes from the UW Business Plan Competition 04/28/11 Seattle
Impinj Files for $100M IPO 04/21/11 Seattle
Groupon Swallows Seattle’s Pelago, Makers of the Whrrl Check-In App 04/18/11 Seattle
Northwest Entrepreneur Network Showcases Startups in Health Care, Software, Clean Power, Apparel, & Plenty More 04/13/11 Seattle
Zynga’s Mark Pincus on Becoming the Amazon of Social Games, Big Data Growth, & Recruiting Failures Spawning a Seattle Office 04/13/11 Seattle
Intellectual Ventures Licenses Patents to Mobile Data Startup Dashwire as Smaller Company Defends Itself in Court 04/06/11 Seattle
Thrutu Reinvents the Phone Call, Letting Smartphone Users Share Photos, Contacts, Location In-Call 03/03/11 San Francisco
Aircuity Adds $1M 03/01/11 Boston
Threat to VC Is from Regular Angels, Not Super Angels, CEO Survey Says 10/12/10 San Francisco
Tableau Doubles Revenue by Making Data More Visual, More Fun 07/27/10 Seattle
Tableau Signs Up Zynga 05/05/10 Seattle
Refined Innovation: A New Approach to Investing 04/22/10 Seattle
Elias Zerhouni Talks Public Health Challenges, Culture Wars at WBBA Annual Meeting 11/06/09 Seattle
Isilon, Forged in Fire of Last Recession, Looks to Expand Its Data Storage Business in This One 10/22/09 Seattle
Decho Delivers Online Backup in China 09/22/09 Seattle
Microsoft Rolls Out Tools to Help Scientists (and Eventually Companies) Manage Data Deluge 07/13/09 Seattle
Fisher Plaza Fire Felt from Seattle to East Coast: Lessons from a Data Disaster 07/06/09 Seattle
Werner Vogels of Amazon on the Future of the Cloud—Quick Hits from OVP Tech Summit 05/18/09 Seattle
Tableau Boasts Record Sales, New Customers 01/21/09 Seattle
New Privacy Regulations A Burden for Most Massachusetts Companies, A Blessing for Others 12/23/08 Boston
Public Data Goes on Amazon’s Cloud 12/04/08 Seattle
Carbonite Puts Its Online Backup Software on Lenovo Computers, Raises $20 Million 09/08/08 Boston
Sprint Picks uLocate to Power Location Services on WiMax Service 08/29/08 Boston
Cold Space with Power: [2N+1] Opens Boutique Data Center in Somerville 07/30/08 Boston
Visual I|O Brings Your Data to Life Through Visual Experimentation 07/25/08 Boston
U.S. Venture Financing Down Slightly in Second Quarter; Solar Energy is One Bright Spot 07/21/08 National
IDC Tracks Your “Digital Shadow” 03/11/08 Boston
Numbers Game: IBM’s “Many Eyes” Portal Turns Data Visualization into Community Art 11/05/07 Boston
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