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Ramius Buys Cypress Bio, Genoptix Reportedly Exploring Possible Sale, Anaphore Gets Japanese Partner, & More San Diego Life Sciences News 12/16/10 San Diego
Cypress Bioscience, After Months of Give and Take, Agrees to a $255M Buyout 12/15/10 San Diego
Cypress Pursuing Alternative Buyout Deal 12/14/10 San Diego
Healthcare Venture Investment Deals Climbing Back, Halozyme Sells Its Diagnostics Business, Dry Lab Biotechs Cluster in Carmel Valley, & More San Diego Life Sciences News 10/14/10 San Diego
Cypress Bio Sells Diagnostics Business 10/11/10 San Diego
Cypress Rejects Ramius—Again, Federal Health Sciences Funding at 2-Year High, Opthonix Raising More Venture Capital, & More San Diego Life Sciences News 09/30/10 San Diego
Cypress Bio Rejects Buyout Again, Calls Offer Opportunistic, Undervalued 09/28/10 San Diego
Lorcaserin Weight-Loss Trials Weigh Heavily on Arena, Ramius Raises Offer to Buy Cypress Bio, Santarus Adds to Its Drug Portfolio, & More San Diego Life Sciences News 09/16/10 San Diego
In Appeal to Cypress Bio Stockholders, Ramius Raises Buyout Offer 09/15/10 San Diego
Ramius Group Gains Ally in Fight With Cypress Bioscience 09/10/10 San Diego
Otonomy Gets $38.5M, Avalon Helps Restart Drug for Age-Related Blindness, Accumetrics Heads Toward Profitability, & More San Diego Life Sciences News 09/02/10 San Diego
Cypress Bio Acquires Technologies in Separate Deals with Marina Biotech, Alexza Pharmaceutical 08/26/10 San Diego
Finistere Planning New Venture Fund, National Cancer Institute Official Offers SBIR Insights, Ramius Still Tries to Woo Cypress Bio, & More San Diego Life Sciences News 08/26/10 San Diego
Ramius Still Wants Cypress Bio 08/25/10 San Diego
Life Wants Ion Torrent for Fast Gene Sequencing, Biogen-Idec Takes On Lou Gehrig’s Disease, Two Biotechs Move Toward IPOs, & More San Diego Life Science News 08/19/10 San Diego
Director Quits Cypress Bio’s Board During Buyout Struggle 08/18/10 San Diego
CareFusion Trims Workforce, Undeterred Ramius Still Wants to Buy Cypress Bio, Biotech Entrepreneurs Want “Virtual Incubator,” & More San Diego Life Sciences News 08/12/10 San Diego
Cypress Bio Rejects Buyout Offer, Shutting Down Commercial Business 08/06/10 San Diego
Cypress Bio Gets Buyout Offer, Trius Prepares for IPO, Arena Gains Following Vivus Setback, & More San Diego Life Sciences News 07/22/10 San Diego
Ramius Makes Unsolicited Bid for Cypress Bioscience 07/19/10 San Diego
The San Diego Biotech Survival Index: Local Firms Make Strong Rebound In First Half of 2009 09/23/09 San Diego
The San Diego Biotech Survival Index 2: Clinging to Cash in the Downturn 03/20/09 San Diego
Fibromyalgia Drug Delayed 03/08/09 San Diego
Pacira and Histogen Disclose Layoffs, Optimer Advances Diarrhea Drug, Torrey Path Comes to Town, & More SD BizTech 03/02/09 San Diego
Cypress Buys Lupus Test 02/24/09 San Diego
San Diego Biotechs With Good News Step Forward at Roth Conference 02/18/09 San Diego
Medtronic Acquires Ablation Frontiers, Sequenom and Exact Sciences Go a Second Round, Qualcomm CEO Reflects on Strategy, & More San Diego BizTech News 01/20/09 San Diego
Cypress Bioscience Shares Soar on News of FDA Approval 01/15/09 San Diego
Cypress Bioscience Drug Succeeds in Fibromyalgia Study 12/08/08 San Diego
Biotech Survival Index: Cash Woes Creeping Up on San Diego Life Sciences Companies 11/18/08 San Diego
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