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Entry Author Date Location
Celebs Taking Charge of Their Social Media Personas through WhoSay 06/11/14 New York
Birchbox Gets $60M For Expansion, New Hires, and Marketing Push 04/21/14 New York
DocuSign Raises Another $85M For Digital Transaction Platform 03/04/14 Seattle
Enigma Raises $4.5M Series A Round Led by Comcast Ventures 01/31/14 New York
Enigma Garners $4,500,000 New Financing 01/30/14 New York
Compass-EOS Obtains $42,000,000 New Funding 11/19/13 San Francisco
Nextdoor Garners $60,000,000 New Funding 10/29/13 San Francisco
Viridis Receives New Funding 10/18/13 New York
SundaySky Obtains $20,000,000 Series C Financing Round 10/15/13 New York
Dollar Shave Club Garners $12,000,000 Series B Round 10/09/13 San Diego
Divide Receives $12,000,000 Series B Financing Round 10/08/13 New York
Maginatics Obtains $17,000,000 Series B Round 08/21/13 San Francisco
DreamIt Ventures Goes to School on Edtech, Furthers Reach in Israel 08/13/13 New York
Run, Olapic, Maker’s Row Find Funding in Mobile Ad Tech, E-Commerce 08/06/13 New York
Maker’s Row Garners $1,000,000 Seed Funding Round 07/22/13 New York
Fullscreen Garners Series A Round 06/17/13 San Diego
Videology Receives $60,000,000 Series D Funding 05/28/13 New York
FanDuel Garners $11,000,000 Series C Financing Round 01/30/13 New York
Michael Yang Opens Up about the Startups that Excite Comcast Ventures 01/29/13 New York
Houzz Obtains $35,000,000 Series C Round 01/29/13 San Francisco
Akamai Acquires Verivue in Content Delivery Consolidation 11/13/12 Boston
RAMP Obtains $15,000,000 Series C Financing 09/28/12 Boston
Tely Labs Secures $13,000,000 New Funding 09/20/12 San Francisco
Nebula Lands $25,000,000 Series B Funding Round 09/05/12 Boston
Nebula Obtains $25,000,000 Series B Round 09/05/12 Boston
WhoSay Garners $12,000,000 Series C Financing Round 07/25/12 New York
Boom or Bust? 11 Big Bets on the Future of Boston Tech 07/09/12 Boston
Integrate Secures $8,000,000 Series B Financing 03/20/12 Boulder/Denver
Kiwi Crate Receives $5,000,000 New Funding 01/18/12 San Francisco
Carwoo Secures $6,000,000 New Funding 12/14/11 Seattle
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